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I've been working on this for a little while (it probably doesn't look like it :D ). Stretched the frame, added suspension mounts (shackles and leafs are in the works), and scratched some new fuel tanks. I got a resin long bed too. There are a number of inaccuracies in the kit so some other plans include correct size wheels and tires, correct grille and bench seat, also a Dana 44 in the front and GM 14-bolt rear in the back. I'll have to see how many of those plans can be completed. I was thankful to find a group on Facebook that is building a full-size Fall Guy truck and all there was a large number of pix of the frame and suspension mods--great reference material. I'd appreciate some feedback.






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Hey Guys,

No major updates to report. I'm redoing the gas tanks. The frame needs to be straightened. I got repops of the tires from the Revell Tomb Raider Rubicon from Maa's Resin. I'm might go with the conventional route to lengthen the bed (I'm hoping to open the secret compartment). The resin bed is from Resin Motor Replicas but it may not work for me.

I've got many other things going on. I do hope to,return to this project soon.

Thanks for the interest.


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