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1961 Oldsmobile 88 2 Door Sedan


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Guest Johnny

WoW! Nice conversion. I don't know if Olds actually made this body style, but you sure did it well. Looks good ta me! :);)

They did! My grandpa's sister had one!


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Our neighbors in Boston (Newton Center) had one in the late '60s, it was blue/blue, dog dish caps, and three on the tree. Very interesting Olds that got no attention at all in those days.


Newton Centre....know it well. I'm in Newtonville regularly for lodge, and use Newton Highlands' Green Line stop when I have to go into Boston. I live out in Marlborough.

Ben- nice pick for the color on that car. I can't get into the rolling stock, but I like the rest of it.

Charlie Larkin

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VERY nice!

Wish you would have had a mold made prior to painting :(

Had an offer for that the day I painted it. I hate to be down for a while though since I intend to take this one to Atlanta in November. I have one more Post coming though and already have an agreement on a mold for it.

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Had a mishap with the clearcoat and had to repaint the car. I scuffed the basecoat, then put one more coat of the base. The car has been cleared now but not buffed. Interior is finished and all the car need now is polished and bare metal foiled. Also I had a change of wheel type. It will be getting the wheels shown in these pics.


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