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Ferrari 288 GTO


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Hi everyone,

today i will show you one of my European car in my collection. The best Ferrari ever, they built - the 288 GTO.

I build it stock in memory of my first build Ferrari ever in the 80's, that never went out of my collection and always remember me to my first steps in modeling. I didn't had the money for laquer of clearcoat *lol*.

So i build the same kit this year again.

Nice to see, how i build 20 years ago...






The only bad thing is, that the right mirror broke before i made the pictures. One thing always happens on the finish lane...but i can handle it.

Thanks for your attention, comments or criticism are always welcome

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Not sure if the 288 GTO was the best model Ferrari ever made, but you have made a cracking job of building it, love the deep shine in the paint !! what kit was this ?? as I have the Fujimi enthusiast kit of this to build one day,

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Thanks buddies!

Thanks for comments and compliments :)

I forgott the manufacturer of this kit was Italerie. Revell took the same and sold it under their label. I think, Geoff, the Fujimi is much better in details.

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