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eBay...ok i thought i had seen it all but...

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sorry, this isnt even model related but it might reflect some on some of the recent ebay posts, check this out:


mind you this has been relisted at least a couple times. and those are US dollars.

i cant figure it out, whats the point? surely no one is giving 2.5 million dollars for any record. so why are they (presumably) paying the fee to list it, a fee that probably gets pretty high for a price like that? the "seller" (yeah he hopes!) is in hong kong or somewhere over there so its possible its a mistake but relisted???


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There are surprisingly many of those totally bonkers auctions on I pay:



Those two are genuinely disturbing:



It also works the other way around, stuff is listed for a penny with a 5 million postage fee.

I have no idea what the intention of those sellers is, but to be perfectly honest, I don't want to find out.

A bit more down to earth, just out of curiosity I just had a look at my Ebay purchase history for the past two years (a new feature on Ebay UK, so you guys might have already had it for the past 28 years or so). It went from about 20-30 purchases a month to 3 within the past six months. So from about 25 average per month to 0.5 average per month.

It's worse than I had expected, but it reflects my gut feelings regarding Ebay over the past two years.

It just becomes worse, and worse, and worse. I can hardly find anything worth buying, i.e. I find much better offers elsewhere, especially on anything that's new or current. Most collectible or 'obsolete' items on Ebay I find extremely overpriced from the onset,and they remain unsold and get relisted over and over again for extremely long periods of time.

The days where sellers listed an item for 1 WETCIYCI* and let the bidders decide what its worth are long gone. Ebay reduced itself to being an online shopfront for professional sellers who list their stuff at buy-it-now-or-sod-off prices. The general idea of what an online auction site is actually there for has been completely shoved up the shareholders' arrr....errr...interest. For the honest, non-greedy, private seller, who wants to get rid of some of his old stuff for a bit of money he can instantely spend on other old stuff sold by other private individuals, it has become a legal minefield. And if you can't get a 40+ year old kit to a buyer who was after it for decades and finally won it in a ten day auction within 48 hours, your feedback profile is toast.

Dunno how you see it, but that's my impression.

Too bad nobody seems to succeed with a suitable alternative. Any attempt instantly gets highjacked by this Ebay mentality.

*what ever the currency in your country is

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I'm in no way defending evil bay nor "some" of it's sellers, however if you are careful there are still deals to be had. Here's a Pocher kit that looks as if it could be restored and the asking price is very reasonable.


I won't argue for a second that there still is the odd bargain to be made on Ebay. But as we say in Austria - spotting a swallow doesn't mean its Summer.

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i have to agree: there are still deals to be had on ebay. but the "buy it now" stuff has gotten out of hand. whenever i list something on ebay i always start it low and let the audience decide what its worth. that works best most of the time and it actually gives a potential buyer a chance to maybe get it cheap...but usually not because if its worth more someone will bid it. it is the death of the place becoming a storefront and all this ridiculous buy it now when the price is 2X or more what anyone would ever pay.

and by the way, that record i originally posted, i at first assumed his currency translator was wrong but its been listed more than once with that price, and even in yen it would be ridiculous assuming 100 yen still buy one US dollar.

but ebay remains a constant source of entertainment if you keep your sense of humor intact.

ps and edit: let it be known i have nothing against buy it now but it has to be reasonable. in fact i always check first the new auctions just posted to see if anyone posts a buy it now for real cheap and then i jump on it. but even reasonable buy it now are ok with me though it does take away the thrill and chance of getting something real inexpensive.

funny thing is, i can tell when i have a hot item to sell by the number of people messaging and asking me to put a buy it now price of X on it. that often happens within an hour of posting the auction. they you know you got a hot item and it will probably end up going for at least 2X whatever the person offered you to end the auction early.

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funny thing is, i can tell when i have a hot item to sell by the number of people messaging and asking me to put a buy it now price of X on it. that often happens within an hour of posting the auction. they you know you got a hot item and it will probably end up going for at least 2X whatever the person offered you to end the auction early.

That is one of my pet hates. If I list it for auction and people pester me with a BIN price. It must be motivated by this 'instant gratification still takes too long' mentality so common nowadays. Well, I have no mercy with them :)

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Christian, I never really considered your analysis of eBay, but you are right.

I guess that's why Mr. eBay was able to move here and buy a $4 million plus house here in Kahala, even though the DA didn't get on the beach.

Sorry, I shouldn't use DA (Doesn't Account....), I should be nice, and welcome his millions into Hawai'i, (yeah, right)

I will put some more effort into eModelCars soon, even if it means switching to a whole new system/software.

The online auction software available seems like it's either way too cheap, or way to expensive.

Everyone wants to make money off of someone else, and no one cares anymore about helping each other out.

My current software, the programer has refused to answer some basic questions.

Now, I bet if I sent him a new sales question, with a new email address, he would respond instantly!

Bill, thanks for the buy on eBay, that helped out.

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eBay is a weird world. I just bought a lindberg Crown Vic, unpainted version, $9.99 with free shipping. Not sure how somebody is making money on that.

Then there are increasingly more and more annoying sellers who think their junk is valuable and don't mind relisting an item for months or longer.

Now, onto Hawaii. I have been to Kauai once - loved it. What I didn't love was all the million dollar houses lining the beach with NOBODY present. Who has enough money to have a multi-million house for a vacation stop? Sad thing too - ebay was built on the backs of millions of small sellers without making scratch. I just wish more was available for a larger part of the population. Beautiful, though. Loved the weather - 81 high, 72 low everyday.

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youre welcome gregg, its nice to know part of it goes to support this site. i will keep an eye on what you have listed and probably buy more; you have very reasonable prices so "buy it now" is warranted!

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