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1932 Alfa Romeo 8C Monza Muletto-Super Detailed 1/8th Scale


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Pocher 1/8 Alfa Romeo 8C Monza-Super Detailing!

My project for 2011 has been super-detailing the awesome 1932 Alfa Romeo 8C by Vittorio Jano. It began with a Pocher kit, but many of the parts have been scratch-built in brass, including the chassis and many engine parts. I am building the Muletto version of the car, which was piloted by Rudolf Carraciola of Germany for the Alfa Team. A former racer for Mercedes Benz, Carraciola jumped to the Alfa Romeo team when the Mercedes Racing Team folded. Carraciola won the 1932 German Grand Prix in this car, beating the other two Alfa drivers- Tazio Nuvolari and Baconin Borzacchini. The race was a major success for Alfa Romeo, with team cars finishing in the top three places.


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Doug has a pretty amazing build diary on this at scalemotorcars.com, but it's up to 13 pages. It would be great to have edited updates here.


Welcome to the form Doug! Sounds like a fantastic build project, and would love to see some details you have been working on!

With it being up to 13 pages I wouldn't look for a play by play, but more of a recent where he is at now. Then possibly a Photobuket link with all of the pics for us to check out. Sounds like Doug has the skills, it doesn't do him justice in just posting a small crusty old film clip you can't even see the actual car. Myself I would rather see a teaser pic of his work.

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