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Just wanted to let everybody know that if anybody has a ollies bargen outlet near them you can get models for 9.99 and less. I just picked up 4 linberg models for 35.00 dollars.

1. 1948 lincoln continental

2. 1934 ford roadster pickup

3. 1953 ford convertible indy pace car

4. Off-road 4x4 f-150

And i plan on getting more

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I was in mine last week. They have the Lindberg Charger Super Bee I think (Yellow on the box)

97 Crown Vic police in Generic, CHP & Illinios versions,

Hawk Washington Mint Kits of the 70 Torino & Cuda, Ready Built's of the 49 Mercury Convertible,

and others. They added Testor's Diecast kits this time, and added More Weird-Oh's too.

I saw the Charger Police Prototype, 68 Chevelle, a 70's Mustang, & Prototype Mustang (Like the Current 1:1)

The one thing I don't like, The 1/32 kits are the same $7.99 as most 1/25 kits!

Especially when the Modern Prototype 'Stang is only $3.99 for a 1/25 Diecast, and

another 1/25 Diecast kit was only $4.99.

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Wish I had me an Olies in Long island! :angry: :angry: DANG, DANG!!!

Those R some Killer deals on these kits!! When I was at an LHS a few weeks ago, he had the ford f250 and a few crown vickies for $22.99. Saying those are now "Discontinued products" Ha! BS!!!

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