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Bare Metal Foil brand decal paper?

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I've used Bare Metal Foil Co.'s decal paper for years. It's called Experts-Choice Decal Film and it comes in clear and white for inkjet printers which is what I use. They also make versions for laser printers in clear, white, gray and gold foil. I have no experience with the laser stuff but I can highly recommend the inkjet product. It's stable, keeps for a long time, and prints very crisply in a manner similar to high quality glossy photo stock. Used with a good quality decal film coating, the resulting decal is quite strong and easy to handle while not being too thick and responds very well to setting solutions .

I've never worked with the Testors product so I can't comment on it or compare between the two.

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I too use the Experts Choice BMF decal paper, it's good quality, and I've yet to have a single problem.


Edit: I made this hood bird using the Experts Choice decal paper

FILE0974.jpg Please Excuse my blurry photo and still wet decal in the photo.

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Well, there's a new one on me. I didn't know that the BMF people even made decal paper! :o

They don't actually make the stuff, rather they have sold clear decal film for a lot of years--stemming from when Eldred Mason of BMF was pitching the foil primarily to aircraft modelers for natural metal finishes. They offered a small line of aircraft markings in those years as well.


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