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KW900 1/16th reissue MSRP?

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It will be less than $80, because Tower Hobbies is selling the Peterbilt now for $71.99 and I placed an order with my local hobby store and they did one better for $5.00 off to stay locally instead of ordering off the internet.

So I would assume the Kenworth will be about the same price.

Oh and that $350 no one is paying that kind of money for the older models... you can get them still in shrink wrap for the $150 or less in mint condish.

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i have only heard of the peterbilt being reissued is the kw planning to be as well??

Not for the first half of 2012, they could bring it back sometime after that later on.

You are right Chris, the only one that is planned at this moment. I have heard nothing of the Kenworth coming back yet.

I'm with you Justin, I really want to see the Aerodyne make a comeback along with the trailer, then maybe I can actually finish the ones I had as a kid and lost in a fire in 1997. I always wanted to see that combo together!

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Opps, my bad. I ment the price on the PETERBILT 1/16, not the KENWORTH W900. Sorry folks, I didn't pay too much attention to whichone of the 1/16th truck lits being reissued. Again, my bad. Hope ya weren't confused or thrown off too much.

Yup, i've seen the Peterbilt/ 1/16th on some sites for $72+ for pre-order. The KW may come soon if sales are good.

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