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L-700 Coe Trying to run it looooowww

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If by proper you mean period correct well then no. As a modernized restoration why not.

I've seen a blog following an L-700 restoration that is repowering the truck with a Cummins out of a Dodge pickup, so I see no reason a V10 is not a reasonable alternative. The L700 was available with a 470 cid diesel so I would think a V10 could be squeezed in there.

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I thought about chopping the top and lowering it a bit do you guys think that would look dumb thanks for the input

DO IT!!! Chop the top, lower that sucker into the weeds, power it with the V-10/T-56 combo, put low pro tires under it and run with it! Build it for you and the sky is the limit! you might be able to use the wheels and tires out of an old Ford F-350 kit...

Are you planning on dragging a trailer with it? If you lower it, it may pair nicely with a Galaxy 38' gooseneck... Just throwing out ideas... Whatever you do, we'd definitely like to see pictures of it.

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coe cab over engine /// cut out floor so turbo is in cab with driver // hey look in the year 2020 (mad max ) if you can make it go your ahead of the others ////// sorry im dis lex ic... i have troble putting my head into words

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