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L-700 Coe Trying to run it looooowww

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Thanks for the info guys. I think I am going to cut the roof into four pieces widen and extend it then drop it down. I need to figure out how many scale inches. He is also an updated picture I have put the springs on with poster putty to get an idea of how it looks. These are also the wheels I am going to use. But what I am trying to figure out is how to drop the Frame down do I still use the springs or just glue the axle to the Framewith some type of bracket


Frame picture




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Okay here is an update I did the chop now I am working on putting it back together again.


First I made a mask around the cab to show me where I was cutting and scribbed it with the razor knife



Here is the after picture I think the cutting turned out well I chopped it high enough that I can smooth out the detail in the back pillers so it runs up into the top


I then took the top section and quartered it I am now working on spreading it out so it lines up with the bottom section. Does anybody have some tips on making this part easy.

Thanks for looking

Tim Kracht

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I like where you are going with this! Only thing I can figure is that the pogo stick looking think could be a hanger for the air lines that would attach to a trailer. Usually, there are springs attached to it that hold the air lines up out of the moving parts of the drivetrain.

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Does anybody know much about this model the instructions show numbers but the spru does not. I am trying to figure out this pogo stick looking thing. I should have pictures of the chopping results done soon


It just mounts to the cab support. Maybe you can figure it out from my pics. My L700's both have Cross-ram Hemi's in them. Keep us posted on your progress. I love these Dodges! Brad


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Here are some photos of the work I choppped this down and will work on glueing the front and the back together.


Here are some work on the wheels I made an adapter to connect the wheels to the spindles. Since I want useing stock rims I had to figure out something. The way this will work I can cut the spindels down and slid on this adapter and glue it to the rims.


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Minor update and taking suggestions on how the stance looks if I should lower the end or live it as it sits


Started off working on the roof again with some putty, I had a chnace to sand it down but didnt take a picture yet.

So do you think I should lower the end or leave it up in the air.


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what if you c notched the frame and stuck the axles on top on top of the leafs. strip the leaf to a mono leaf kinda deal. That thing looks dope so far though. I'd lower the front and rear. Wheel gap kills.

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Okay major update on this one I have been working on the Frame and trying out a new process. Tell me what you guys think what should I change does it look good.


I have tried to create a new frame that will allow it to drop down lower and add in some Airbags for the suspension.


I purchased some hollow channel and begain to create the frame. At each point I put in a spline piece to give it more glueing surface.



Mock up of the frame over the wheels.


I started working on my airbags to see how they will look. If anybody has a spare rear end that would work here let me know I might replace the one that I have I buggered it a bit.


Here I was trying to rig up a spot where the upper link connections will go. it wasnt untill I had finished that I realized I had done it upside down.


Starting to put the frame together.


Closer picture of the backend

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