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L-700 Coe Trying to run it looooowww

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I will take a few more good pictures when I do

the next ones. But I took some solid rod and drilled it out cut off the little tube. Drilled a hole in to it and inserted some solid tube. Then drilled out some hex rod and cut off a nut size. Then drilled out the solid rod again and stuck it together. When its done I will paint the rods black and the nuts gold. I will also make some nuts and bolts to mount to the brackets I will make.

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I started out with three different size rods. I would use Hex rod that is about the same size as the larger rod.


Then I drilled out the center of the larger round rod. The trick to use, I pointed my Exacto knife in the center and made a divit to fit in the drill bit.


I then drilled it out and cut off a section


Next I did the same thing with the exacto knife and then drilled a hole in the side all the way through.


Now you drill out the hex rod and then cut of a nut sized piece.


Here is your nut


Here is the assembled piece.2012-07-05142030.jpg

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Here is the first part, now here is what I came up with. This is my first try at scratch building a four link, or anything for that matter. It might not be completely accurate but its what I came up with and I am happy. I still need to sand it and use some filler in spots and paint it. I also need to start working on the front all of this is for my Dodge L700 that I am doing. I also need to see if I can straighten out the back end a little bit more.



Here are a few pictures


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Are you kidding me ? I just stumbled on the thread and can't believe I have a simular project in mind . I have ordered and recieved the fat wheels an tires I want to use and the kit is on order and coming from Phil's Hobby Shop. My plans are ( subject to change ) is to lower the heck out of it and remove the top and chop the windshield. It looks good in my mind but who knows ? I will know more as I see progress on yours.

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