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Latest project on the go is the Revell 30/31 Model A Ford.

I don't like the fit of the doors on the real car or the kit so I eliminated the hinges and added styrene strip so the doors fit flush. Chassis is a shortened '32 Ford sedan, engine will be the flathead from the same kit.

Wheels are Radirs from the Thunderbolt kit, tyres from the parts box with hand painted whitewalls (only one coat so far - I use 'Warhammer' paint from Games Workshop for this).

Unusually for me, paint is car paint from a rattle can (not Tamiya :o). Comments welcome.




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Made some progress during the week - the rolling chassis is complete, lowered front suspension and basic plug wiring through drilled aluminium tubes. Tyres have had a few more coats of Citadel paint and some Tamiya gloss has been carefully applied to the body parts without too much reaction from the decals :mellow: .





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Made some more progress this week. The interior has been fitted with tuck n' roll made from half-round styrene - so-called because the pack only got half-round the car, and had to buy a second pack this morning!


More interior work included fitting an MCG photoetch dash panel, decal and vents from the 1932 Ford set.


More gloss clear on the body/fenders and a little polishing before applying satin black to the roof and running board mats.


Hope to get this baby finished over the weekend, or at least in time for our monthly club meeting on Thursday.

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Thats looking very fine indeed. I'm currently working on the same kit, and have come to the same conclusion as you about the doors. The hinges are lackluster to say the least. And those are my all time favorite set of scale wheels, Kudos, I need to find someone that casts them and buy a dozen sets. Keep up the beautiful work!

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