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Hi you all, well been working off an on, on this project. We finally got better weather and I built a new mirco blow torch that I think works good. So I been working on the pass side front leaf mount.

The driver side one



Here you can see the other side getting ready to be built


On we got to build the pass side front leaf mount



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Okay, so now more fun kicks in.. lol





Yes that red wire is a piece of phone line wire, I had to pin this piece togother to the other piece as I am getting the hang of the homemade micro blow toruch I built and it's heat settings and I warmed the solder up to much and had a mishap. So I decided for this one was to use a pin wire to hold the piece togother before I added alot of solder to the two pieces.


I hope you all enjoyed this small update.

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Here is a mock up like with the radiator frame in place as well



Now I need some of you all help on one area. I have afew photos here for ref of the front frame rails on a 1986 Mack Superliner but each photo shows the rails being different though. On a 1986 Mack Superliner, how does the front end of the frame look? I did my best at searching the net but couldn't find to much or photos of the front end of the frame at how they look and where they bend at. Can anyone help me out here? Thanks in advance for any help on photos.

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Okay, my friend emailed me some photos of the real rig front end with the hood up so I could see the frame.

Anyhow, I been working on the front leaf hangers and front hood mounting as well. I had to glue the cab and hood together so that the two lined up right on the frame for the mounting and soldering of the brass piece to mounted to the semi frame. Like I told my wife when she asked me what I was doing (LOL) and I told her and mention t her that these 3 little pieces are the most critical pieces to the frame build as that line the can and hood up on the frame and also hold the front suspension in place as well. So getting these pieces in the correct spot was very important.



That didn't work to well so I found two square piece's that was just big enough so I went with them on the 2nd attempt.



It worked.

Now the fun part begins! LOL. The mounting to the frame with using solder. Remember I have to make all 3 pieces line up right or else the cab and hood will not fit on the frame right at all.


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As you can see I had already marking things out on the frame from using the original plastic one (which is broken up more and more)


The hood and cab on the frame





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wow Jim u have it going your way..looking good..

Thanks man. Truth be told here. My friend and I was originally planing to go with the original kit plastic frame just so you all know. But I'm not shure if it was the kit he bought OR a defected one he got.. so I will not hold the others to what happen to this one. I been working with the original since 2010 and with it always braken apart on me here and there in areas and me trying to repair the areas. Well last summer 2012 me and my friend and my wife all set down and decided to do a mock up with the aftermarket stuff he got for on it to see if the plastic frame would in fact hold it or not. The frame buckled in the middle to where it almost snapped right in half in front of us if I hadn't stuck my a sheam in under the one gas tanks area in the middle of the chassis. So he told me I knew what to do on the frame issue to make it better and cab and hood and told me just to go for it. He told me after seeing that.. he wanted a frame that could with hold the stuff and yet not buckle and one he could pick up from time to time and not have to worry about it braking in half on him. This is not a box stock build at all LOL.. some of the original kit will be use on the project though. The real truck 1:1 is down right beautiful.. but my friend is making some slight changes on this project so it will not be 100% like the real one that he likes.

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