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Okay, I been working on the interior top roof panel.. Been building the working sun visors, plus working on the interior doom light plus the two rear interior lights that will sit behind the seats. For these lights i used off road light housings that I got at my local hobby shop out in town. They seem to turn out nice for the part. The doom light lense is a tail light lense for a truck I think. i had to do some triming down on it as well.

The interior roof panel


The visors middle support base


The interior doom light lense, an test fitting for fitment




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There will be another update tonight sometime.. recharging the camera battery. To those of you that had comment, thanks. I'm at a puzzle right now (making a choice) on the interior headliner part pattern.

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Sorry for keeping you all waiting, had afew things to do.

Anyways here is some more progress photos..




Looking down at the driver side door. You can see I'm also working on the door jam area as well.



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Good morning you all, well I was alittle busy last night an yesterday evening working on this project. Been working on the headliner an sun visors..





Then I hit the piece with a coat of Flat Black by ColorPlace


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Temp 1 at trying to install the first headliner..



At this point, I knew I made a mistake an used the wrong kind of glue.. oops. So I waited too the elmers glue had set up an dried an I then took an removed the headliner back out much easier an with no mess either from glue.


I did make another temp on a 4th headliner an used spray glue which worked very very well.. I get photos today of that an post them soon as I can.

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Hi you all, well I been busy with this project. Jump mostly from working on the headliner to trying to get the suppenion in the rear together and also the front hubs anrims to built on. Still have work to do the stuff yet though. I been rebuilding well scratch building parts to like the model kit parts that broke on me or I had to chop apart. I been working on the first row of leaf hangers an brackets.

First few times with headliners.. mostly trail runs..




This time it was a go.


Started working with find the right blue color for on the rear doom lights covers.


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Now here I put the front doom lense in place for a mock up. The 2nd photo is with the light turn on.




The led light here is only hold into place, it's not even attach to anything yet, it's not in the correct spot either.


Here is the start of the first row of rear leafs in the making


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The leaft hangers/brackets I am scratch building an at times using the real kit pieces as part of the rebuild as I can.





Here is one of two from hub units, I took an held the rein hub unit to the tire on the inside an used a small drill bit (two of them, one small one for marking, 2nd one the size of the lug base) to mark the locations of each stud. Then I drilled out the hub unit just alittle to set the lugs just a hair down inside then I place a layer of masking of the outer face of the rim an open the holes up by using the excto blade. I then place well brush on some vasoline then I took an placed the lugs into the rim on the out side looking in. I then used epoxy on the resin hub only on the outer side just where the lugs would be in. I then place the hub onto the outer face of the rim over the lugs an left set for almost a day. I took an drilled out the lug holes in the rim after I had removed the hub with the lugs in so the rim would be easier mounting off an on.


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With the rim on, to see on things look. I plan on redoing the two short lugs



Just a mock up like, to see how things will look


Up next is the rear suppen.

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