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Posted pics last night for my GMC Astro and keep forgetting to ask. Front windshield has one of those "sitting in storage on top of a tire too long" type marks. Is there a way to fix it? And if the general consensus leans towards so-so on results..........would anybody happen to have one in the scrap bin? Same thing has happened to the driver side window but I wanted to cut it down to the quarter window anyway. (Like my windows open)

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Hey Barry,

You could also try, if you can get to the area now, to polish it out, use either Novus or a polishing kit, use the finest grade paper in the kits you can, experiment on something not assembled then try on your van. Good luck.


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wet sand,start with a 1000 grit and work to a extra fine like 6000,get at wal mart. Then use a rubbing compound made for clear plastic auto lenses,this stuff has a funky name(have too look for it.)

Fun fact,The lens on my car was getting fuggy,I tried it on them now I can see at night.

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