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Could I? Should I?

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I got a Die Cast 1/24 scale M2 machines 66 gt350 doe my birthday. I seem to have a bit of OCD when it comes to models. One of the front wheels wasn't straight and I took it apart to try and figure out why. I never did figure out why the wheel wasn't sraight cuz as I was takin it apart the engine came out and the headers crumbled to pieces.. I also have a amt 68 shelby gt500 kit that has a damaged body and a 428Fe in it. The question is should I or could I put the 428 in he die cast 66 or what?

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In my experience, it seems that some stuff jives between the scales and obviously some stuff doesn't. You can sometimes get away with putting 1/24 scale wheels/tires under a 1/25 car and vise-versa. Another thing that comes to mind is when I used some 1/24 scale small block Chevy valve covers on a 1/25 scale car and it ended up looking like a big block which is what I was shooting for. So, the best advice I can give ya is just to try stuff out. If it looks good, roll with it.

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