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1959 Chevrolet Impala

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks guys,

@Tony: No I decided against that, it would've made the rear end too much of a slab of metal.

Well, I finally managed to get the paint on the car, and it was a huge pain in the ass!

A couple of weeks back, I worked on the interior, adding some BMF to all the handles and trim, this shows the handles done.


Put the speaker in the rear-seat


Put the engine together, needs a lot more detailling, but that will come later.


And then I had to work more on the body, it was a ongoing thing, I couldn't get it right. I hated it. I worked for many weeks to get the body paint prepped.


And finally had something decent.


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Thanks guys!

@Stuart: no problem; please try, but make sure the lace is very snug against the bodywork.

Well, yesterday was a slow day and the temperature wasn't bad. So I thought to clear the car. It is I think the biggest obstacle for me during the buildprocess and it needs to be taken at some point.

Today was appearantly the day haha, the whole process takes up almost 2 hours, prepping, cleaning, mixing, shooting etcc..... but the result is nice I think.

The hood, don't you love how metallic colors come to life after the clearcoat?




And the body, it is hard to see, but I ghosted the sidegraphics a little bit, this makes it a bit more mild and doesn't give those hard lines to it.


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Another angle


Because everything that had to be clearcoated, now is. I can start working on putting everything together. In this picture I added the upper-suspension parts and the dual-exhausts from which I cut off the back-end, which was a stock-pipe, I will replace that with a custom tailpipe.


And the uppersuspensionparts in the enginebay, I left them silk-matt, so it will match the engine and gives a little bit of contrast.


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Thanks guys!

@Jim; I likey Shiney too! And a good custom has too shine (IMHO)

@Skip; I had to think twice before I understood, I thought which handles? The car is shaved! But then I realized you meant the ones on the panel haha. But no, I have not done anything to it, but putting BMF on. The molds of this kit are very crisp and makes it possible to make very sharp edges with BMF.

@Todd; I still have no clue what wheels to use yet, I think/hope I know the answer before I am done haha. But Foose-style? naah, it is my own style, not based on any car or any customizer.

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And a new update, lots of pictures though :)

After polishing a few dustspics, I could start with the next big thing: Foiling:


It took me almost all afternoon and lots and lots of BMF, but it does give that final touch to the car, and so far, nothing can beat BMF.


It's hiney is also finished.


All the chromeplated parts were bleached, it had awful moldlines on the bumpers and would be just such an eyesore. Reason for me to get all the chrome off and get them ready for Alclad2, the only problem is that I've never done it on so many parts on one car.


One of the things I wanted to improve are the springs, I made a set on my own and this is the compare between the kit-part and my-part. It does look a lot better. (IMHO)


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A dry-fit for the de-chromed parts, the hood needs a little bit of tweaking I think


And I worked some more on the engine, the horrible V-belt was omitted and replaced with some metal pully's. Together with a scratch-built v-belt, it does look sharper.



It is a little bit thinner than realistic, but seen from the top, it is not noticable.


And a testfit on the chassis.


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Same dryfit for the back, As you might've noticed, this Impala will get a Continental-kit, I just love those!


Sorry about the blurry pictures, but this is a fuel-line with 3 separate fuelfilters, purpose is a better fuel-flow with over-capacity.


Shortened to fit


And fitted to the engine, replacing the molded in fuel-lines from the kit.


The wheels are still a mystery, I tend to go with the stock-wheels, but I don't like the hubcaps, I guess I need to look through my parts-box. The idea of fitting modern alloy's has passed, I believe this is a nicer look with the whitewalls.


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I flocked the interior...


And the (parcel?)-shelf


The finished doorpanels, I really like the look it has.


After the interior got flocked, I could start assembling the interior. I still need to paint the steering column, but that is a little thing to do. After that, the dashboard can go in. And I can finish detailling the interior


Test-fit in the car, don't you love how shiney it is?


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Test-fit in the car, don't you love how shiney it is?



Another thing that bothered me, was the crankshaft driven fan. I got the fan and fixed it in the radiatorshroud, by fixing it in between two metal rods, now it represents a electric-powered fan.


Which is now fitted in the engine-bay


That's all folks!

Oh, and I forgot. I also had a little mishap with the windshield, while trying to put it in place, I got some glue on my finger and on the windshield, right in front of the driver.

It took me some cursing and sanding/polishing and future, but it is now hardly noticable. Only in the wrong angle of light.

Edited by The Creative Explorer
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