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1/8 scale top fuel drag bike update 12/20/11

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Ok well you guys didn't kick me off for the first bike i posted so I thought i would post another.

This probably should be in the completed area but I'm not sure, i still have to add a few more wires, oil lines, and the weals on the wealybar. Hope you like it.





sorry about the photos but this will not fit in any backgrounds I have.

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thanks again,

my first post was a YRZ500 in the completed form

about being kicked off i mean for posting imported bikes, which don't seam to popular here, but you guys seam to like, but i do have other car related builds that i haven't posted yet.

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Really great looking TF bike! These are very interesting in 1:1 scale too. Peter Svensson, from Sweden drives 5.8 times with his Top Fuel Bike here in Europe! Your build looks great. Detailing is perfect, and I can't find any other mistakes from it. :lol:

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WOW That's fantastic, very nice build. One problem though.. IT'S NOT A HARLEY. That said, i was at the drags awhile back & a bloke with an untouched Hayabusa except for a extended swing arm kicked the factory Harley's tails, he ended up winning the night.

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thanks man,

about the bike, i started with a cheap die cast pro stock bike i found at my model show, the thing was basically destroyed so i got it for only like 15 bucks, the frame is from the die cast but i modified it a lot to change it from a pro stock, to a top fuel bike, the engine, front fork, tires/rims, and the back half fender, are from the die cast, of course with some mods, i basically filled in all the blanks with scratchbuilt stuff, the only resin is form flash point and is the big CF scoop which is 1/16 scale,

tomorrow ill try to post some more pics, i have started to work on the few body panels its needs

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OK well i kinda need some help, I'm building the front cowl and can decide what it should to look like i mocked up a few ideas, so which one works the best?



or this one, which is the nose from revells Kurtis midget, i kinda like this one just cause it looks like a headlight


here's the two side by side


and for some real progress, not just more questions, I built a work/pit stand


so what do ya guys think?

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K well here's some more little things finished

I ended up just doing a 3rd new cowl, its just CF decals with some peace sign decals out of the HippieHemi kit.



Not very impressive but I also did some decals in the back, I figure with a bike costing this much your gonna need some sort of small sponsors.


sorry for such little updates, but I'm waiting for some A/N fittings to show up, so I can finish the oil lines

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Hi, more stuff

I added a little Racepack computer,

a radio system

glued the front cowl on

and started the oil tank, but it still needs the pump and the brackets

sorry about the pic I know its sucks



oil tank



and I bought some paper just big enough to fit the bike in, so better pictures now. :lol:



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