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Will Revell-o-gram bring out a 1970 Dodge Charger anytime soon?

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They did the uber-rare F&F diecat a decade ago, which was far ahead of the horrorfudgous AMT kit! So how 'bout taking their magnificant '69 kit, modfying the front end and F&F '70 grille to a stock unit, adding the side scoops, and adding a 2-in-1 option with parts from the F&F kit or the '68?

Sounds like a good idea right? I mean Chargers are popluar and tooling it into the 70 wouldn't be too costly if it sells well. Maybe if Revell-o-grams marketing department is reading this, this will give them incentive to do so, or to just make plans for a GEARZ '57 Bel-Air ratshowrod kit and hope it sells to 9 year olds.

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Yeah, but the point I was trying to get across is that it wouldn't be very expensive for revell-o-gram to retool their 69 charger intoa '70.

Plus resin & I didn't get along too well on our first date... she got mad because I tried cleaning 'er hood in PP and she deformed on me, and said "**** you!!"

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I hope Revell wouldn't release a '70 Dodge Charger based on a die-cast model/tooling. We need only look at the Revell '70 Dodge Challenger R/T T/A kit to see the shortcomings of such ideas.

I suspect Revell will release a '70 Charger based on the '69 Daytona, '69 R/T, and '68 R/T kits, but I have no guess as to when. I think a '70 Charger kit would sell well, and it seems to me the '69 Charger R/T kit has been in production for a few years, which to me equates to "selling well".

Now, about that all-new '70 'Cuda/Barracuda kit...

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WOW ! $60 BUCKS ? + $20 for the '68-'69 kit = $80

Resin builders spend that (and more) all of the time, get used to it or stay on the porch.

If Revell wouldn't change the 69 Charger bodys side marker lights to do the 68, I doubt they will change the front end to do a 70.

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