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Are Duplicolor auto-spary paints any good?

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Also what's a good primer that will work on plastic and not craze it (Other than Tamiya, 'cause it i'll break the bank)?

I've had excellent experience with sears quick 'n easy fast-drying enamal gray primer. If you got a k-mart or sears hardware near you, i'd pick some pu and try it to see if ya like it. Which you'll prolly love to death will since it only costs $1.79 a can, and being far better quality than testors for that matter.

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I tried using duplicolor black once, but had problems with it, but its still a good paint, I use both duplicolor sandable primer, and primer filler as well.

For the heck of it, I picked up a can of wally worlds color palace primer, its not to bad really, I am using it on parts other then bodys, just to save on using the duplicolor , and using that on just the bodys.

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I used Duplicolor on a bunch of my big vettes, including the one in the Big Scale Beauty article in my sig. I`ve always had great results. I`ll concur with everyone else about the primer. Lately, I have actually been using cheap Krylon primer, like you would find in Wal Mart, underneath the Duplicolor. I have had some issues with some two tone paint jobs, but that is only if the colors are two different brands (ex. my Mustang with Model Master Wimbeldon White and Duplicolor Metallic Blue stripes). If the brands dont match, I noticed they can pull away from any masked separation lines once you have several coats of clear on top.

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