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The first two are models of cars I actually owned. The '78 was one of my favorite cars ever. It had a warmed up 400 with a 4 speed. Built from the Revell kit........


The '76 was stock, with a 400/automatic, built from the AMT kit with a resin nose from an "unreliable" source..........


The '74 SD455 I didn't own, but wish I did. Built from the Monogram '70 kit......


I LUV dem Trans Ams!

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Here's one that started out as the AMT '78 Trans Am, but I converted it to the 1977 Firebird Esprit from the old "Rockford Files" TV show:


The license number is correct for the TV car.


The shaker scoop had to go away, of course, as well as all the other accoutrements of a Trans Am: The decklid spoiler and fender spats weren't attached, but the fender scoops were molded in. It also had T-tops. In all, it wasn't too rough, and I'm happy with the way it came out.


After having seen this model on another website, someone contacted me asking to buy it for her father, who had a 1:1 Esprit back in high school. I'm too attached to the "Rockford" car to sell it (It was my favorite show back in the day), but I'm just starting in on converting the Revell '78 Trans Am into one for her.

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This is a really old one, and I think this is the only picture I have of this one. It was built from the Lindberg kit back when you could still find it on the shelves. I have about 5 more of these kits lying around, and hope to get to them sometime. I have owned 5 real 1:1 Firehawks in my lifetime, and currently own a 2001, which should give everyone a little insight into my user name. :D


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Here is a `91 Formula I built. For some reason, this is one of my favorite models in my display. I think it is a very convincing replica when built up nicely:

Very true, and you did a great job. This is a great example for builders just getting into the hobby, as it shows how well proportioned Monogram kits were, how nicely they look when build box stock, and how you don't need to add any aftermarket items to have an eye-catching model. Plus, these kits can be found for $10 all day long.

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Here is an `86 I built based on a car I almost bought 15 years ago or so:









Hawk, between these, your big Z-28s and Corvettes, I've NEVER seen anything like your paint finishes.  Could you post a tutorial on how you do your paint jobs??? I'm using rattle cans, so it probably won't help me, but JEEZ....  you make the most beautiful paint jobs I've ever seen.

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