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My Ford 427 Shelby Cobra (replica)

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I built my 427 Cobra back in 2001. I built a "street" Cobra S/C 428 FE for it with 400 rwhp, solid flat tappet cam, worked over iron heads. I now built a all new casting, Genesis 427 side oiler, punched out to 527 cubes, large solid roller cam, custom aluminum heads etc,.... haven't chassis dynoed it yet, but should be between 600-650 rwhp & TQ. We raced 360/410 winged dirt sprint cars for 12 years then retired, so I have several 1:18 scale 427 Cobra's, one being a Franklin Mint, all aluminum body and many sprints. I just bought my first 1:64 18 wheeler. My brother-in-law is a trucker, so I'm wanting to use it for a diorama I'm planning on building for him.

Here's a photo link for my Cobra. - http://s509.photobucket.com/albums/s331/427HISS/My%201966%20Ford%20427%20Shelby%20Cobra%20Replica/

Story of my Cobra, photo's & other toys- http://www.motortopia.com/427HISS

Some, of my diecasts so far- http://s509.photobucket.com/albums/s331/427HISS/Diecasts/#!cpZZ1QQtppZZ32

Thank you,



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I loves me some Cobras man. You could probably tell that by my screen name. No real or kit car one yet but when my daughter graduates from law school in a year in a half....... who knows. To feed my addiction to AC Cobras and also Daytonas I collect replica models and die cast and so on. My collection numbers over 600 as of now. In addition to plastic and diecast i also have some in white ware, crystal, wood, crayons, white metal in all different scales. I have been collecting since about 1992 but my collection really took off when I discovered ebay in 1999. I never knew there were so many Cobras out there. 600 + and I still don't have them all. Someday.......someday.

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