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I just got a semi truck trailer and have been trying to think it I could use it or not and I think I might convert it into some sort or hideout/ bunker and build a diorama with the other 2 vehicles I have planned. Not sure if I'll go that way yet, but could be cool. Still a ways off if I do it, but I like the idea...

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Here is my progress got the conveyor belts half done ( the ladder looking parts in the foregroung) still working on getting her on tires gear boxes in the works!!!!Z22-vi.jpg

Glad I was able to finally get some work done!!!! The gear boxes are in the lower right corner next to the conveyor belts. PK

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So, I finally found the tires to use. Brought my Dad's Payhauler cornbinder dump truck and froze it before tearing it apart. So I am going to make molds of the tires and wheels and rear axles to use on my rig. I am going to change the tread pattern a little and see if I can fill the center section of the tire to fit regular truck wheels. This may take beyond our alloted time but I will keep posting as it gets more dome. They are pretty big but I figure madmax/post appoc means using what ever you got so this will be pretty bad ass.

Wow, some very cool tires you found there - I dont understand you will change them at all, they look very cool as they are, as you said yourself: anything goes because "madmax/post appoc means using what ever you got" and those wheels could have have been found on some military equipment and then used on the car (big rig) I think the very "business" look of them are perfect for a post apocalyptic/ Mad Max look. Just my 2 sence. (however, if you do resin cast them I would love to buy some, if you would let me) Just awesome!!

Bjarne "spaceman" Graves - Denmark

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got some work on the rig

first up the front end

extended the grill guard


added lights to light the road ahead at night and to leave a picture to the lucky survivors that tell the story of how the truck destroyed everything around them



added the bunker out back to store the liquid hell tanks and the other things that go boom



the mortor base 180 degree range of BOOM


the over all look of the truck so far


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I'm going to officially call the "Nuke Boys" finished.

I have to say this is the worst kit I've ever had.

But that's not what this is about... Imagine your on the run, trying to beat the clock back to base camp before your stranded in the middle of no where, and a sitting shmogesboard for the living undead !! Well you didn't make it, you spot an old farm house and radio in for help.

Day breaks and your crew is there just in time, as you load up what's left of your scout rig, you spot something behind the barn, something you've only heard story's about, the infamous "HEMI Charger". Rumor has it, this particular one had belonged to a family of moonshine runners down south. Who ended up meeting their demise, at the end of a large caliber rifle in a good old fashion Dixie shoot out ... The rest is as they say, history.




The plug wires were made from beading rope, I think it does a good job of mimicking cloth plug wire insulation. The tunnel ram was from the parts box, already painted and grimy, ready to be slapped on. The stacks were cut from brake line and flared, then polished with a wire wheel and left to tarnish. Everything got a good heavy black wash.


The south shall rise again !!!! (In my best southern draw)

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I thought the mix match wheels helped tell the story of a hastily resurrection, but it still had to have at least one western wheel to go with the theme.


The window screen was made from.. Well, window screen. Painted with a fogging of red primer, them washed with a little black to knock it back down some.


I took the advisee of a friend who does a lot of demo derby racing, and mounted the hood with the center cut out for easy repairs ( watch the edges..) and then welded on buckle plates to the fenders for.... You know, impact ..


.... It'll buff out !!!

I have to thank Dr. Cranky again, this is probably the funnest model I've ever built, and had it not been for this build thread, I probably never would have given it a second thought.

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