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eelco...ur work on the trunk area is llok'n really good to me...but u better put a pair of nikes in the gym bag just in case.... B)

that made me chuckle

maybe ill put in a pair of combats in there instead...you know if i take one step out off this vehicle ill be knee deep in...well...stuff nikes wont hold up too ;)

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Here is some storage,or my trunk.I still haven't decided on the front end yet.thanks for looking.

Thats one mean looking machine. I just rememberd that i got a Porche carrera gt laying around doing nothing. So if it fine whit you i so gonna steal your idea.

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I got some paint on The Rig and I'm trying the salting method for the first time.






I've probably overdone the salting but I figure it's gone through the most dangerous areas of the out break so it would be pretty scuffed up. Also does anyone have tips on doing a simple desert camo paint job.

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So I went to the LHS today and bought two models off the clearance racks.

Both 'UPTOWN' series by revell- the Magnum R/T and the Chrysler 300c SRT8. Curbsides, as I found out, but I'm just building 'em to take a little break from the PA/ZH CBP for a few to work on improving my shiny jobs. plus, I only spent 35 bucks total for two kits and some modelling filler.

Don't get me wrong, I have something in store for later.

I'm just 'resting my imagination' if you will. :D

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John. Where does the driver hide?

He's lay'in in there somewhere,,lol!!,,pretty much in the centre?,,,,Maybe remote control,,i do have an long antena made up,,and that cap thing on top could be a camera.

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hey doc where can i find zombie figures? btw iam building an dodge ram. with a gun mounted in the back with a snow plow mounted in front. just got to get the supplies for it.

Richie, your guest is as good as mine. There are a couple of people working on some modified figures, but they haven't finished the work yet. I am hoping to see some great results, and possibly some great figures in the market soon.

I had made contact with a Greek sculptor to do some figures but the price was a bit too steep. He wanted around 700 dollars for the sculpt and they would still have to be molded and cast, which was going to add even more to the expense. Can't afford it, but I know the work was going to be first rate.

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Well here's The Rig after messing up the salting by using rattle cans. I did what I could with it. Do you guys think it still looks alright? The paint build up around the salt gave it a really bumpy texture.


I'd think giving it a once over with some fine sandpaper would help it, then give it another wash to get rid of any salt that is still trapped.

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I'd think giving it a once over with some fine sandpaper would help it, then give it another wash to get rid of any salt that is still trapped.

Well I tried fixing it but made it worse. now everything is sitting in the purple pond and I'm praying that it'll remove krylon.

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Finally had some time to work on Galaxium!

Put a couple of packaging forms on the roof and decklid and some old window screen for the rear window


Modified the interior-Hacked out a bunch of stuff with a Dremel cutting disk...fun! :)


and the interior roof...and a bit of the trunk...


Next a rear facing weapon...plasma cannon, laser, goo gun, whatever the weaponry of the day dictates!


With the interior and chassis in mock up


Going to scavenge for some kind of power unit to drive this...gas is too scarce...

Found the beginnings of a potable water transport while I was at it...tank is from a Xbox controller package...found some hoses and such, but will have to come up with a pump to fill with...



Gonna have fun with these...for sure! :)

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