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1/16th Aluminium Guards

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I have been working on these for awhile, making the tooling to produce the nice rolled edge was .......interesting, but I think I have solved it, these suit the KW 1/16th monogram kit, and I made them for a custom build that I have spent a few years on now, so many parts to make for it for it, oh well on with the show,

I am now ready to make all the brackets for them, these will be brass then chromed to suit

Ready to get the polish out and polish the life out of them



The light bar is ready to cast, I have made all the light bezels in Aluminium for this one, lot of work, but effective, also made a master for the lights as well, if I do decide to cast these, the light and the bezel will be cast as one part




Comments welcome, good or bad, can they be made better?

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Very interesting, did you roll these just like on a 1:1? Curious to know how you were able to shrink the excess metal due to the fender curve and the rounded Lip.

Evil, there is a trick to them for sure, and they do take some time to do, I have machined up a former to help get the shape, the Aluminium ones don't make that much "extra" as they are only 0.016" thick, the key to modelling is to trick the eye into believing what it see's, and if you can do this then you are half way there, when they are formed there isn't that much over hang on the former, but the direction change get's the eye to believe there is

I roll these on a long length first then cut to size, then form the edge

After the Aluminium ones where done, well formed, I had to try a brass one for a brass build I am doing, they are ok, but are a lot more work to do, and should be annealed before they are bent, and the


The Brass 1/4 guard is for setting the holes, when I am happy with the height it will be used for a Jig

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Superb, Craftsmanship

Awesome indeed.


Thanks Kurt, challenging, but are close, have to find a good way to polish them, may try before they are bent, then touch them up

More great stuff from Tony's bench! Matt

Oh Matt, that bench is so long, and getting longer ;)

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They came up very nice for a reject Tony, can't wait for the proper job then.

RE: trailers, I got a parcel in the mail the other day from Nigel with the parts I needed but have been to flat out to do things then when I get a chance it's been to hot in the garage to do anything. Fingers crossed for this weekend.


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Small update for this

Light bar has had a bit of paint splashed on it, and the aluminium bezels fitted, now onto the lights, masters have been made and mounted ready to cast them



Finally happy with the polished guards, have made a master for the brackets and will cast these in white metal, so they can be polished also, I may get a chance to have these finished in a few days so I can start putting them together


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hey tony!!! great work!!! i do alot of stuff in 1/16 and i have got to say fantastic work!!!! are you casting these for the market though?

William I have seen a lot of your work, and love how you chop the kits up, I am doing a second light style with the light bezels attached so I don't have to machine them

will let you know when they are done

Beautiful work, Tony!!!!!! Those fenders look great!

Thanks Ben

Nice. How is the custom build going overall? It's based of the satin black w model klos bros? I remember seeing your build on oz auto builders forum. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Bad KW has a different style of rear light bar, still have a few more parts to finish for it, am stuck on the louvers at the moment they are driving me crazy

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