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Some great input here guys.

I am a little behind on my painting today but will continue tomorrow. I am going to keep the paint warm, the body warm, and try the hairdryer when I bring the model in. The primer has gassed out and I gave it a quick sand with 2000 grit. Washed the body and now waiting for it to dry.

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I just couldn't wait until tomorrow to lay this paint down. So taking all of the great advice I sprayed several thin coats of warmed Tamiya gloss black onto the warmed body. In between each coat I brought the body inside and warmed it with a hair dryer on a low setting. The last coat was a little heavier than the others and gave me a really nice shine. The body is sitting under a lamp to keep it warm while it gasses out.


I really want to thank everyone for the great advice. It solved my problem and I have not been told to move out of the house because of stinky paint.

Next time I will try to write my name in the snow.

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Looks great from this side Rob,...Did it all come out well ALL THE WAY AROUND THEN ?, black is a tough on to hit just Right, Thats for sure..


Yes, it did come out all the way around. I'll do a liitle polishing once everything is dried well.

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Sorry Rob, didn't see this topic till just now - first day back at work :(. Seems you got plenty of good advice anyways as can be expected from this site.

I might not have been much help, I try not to paint in the cold (that's why I moved here) ;).

You could always post the bodies to me for painting, I think summer may have finally arrived here :P

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Thanks Paul but after hearing about how expensive it is to ship there I'll keep trying.

The hair dryer technique works really well. Of course you also must prep everything properly and warm the paint and body. I am happy with the outcome on the T/A and will do some polishing to the car to see if I can get it a little better.

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