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Breaking NEWS Model King/Revell-1/16 and YOU!

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Thanks everyone here at Model Cars Magazine ...

I have great new news for us guys concerning a kit under the Model King name and

brokered partnership with Revell.

Note: these are NOT rumors they are facts directly from Model King...

Dave Burket the Model King (who has also become my business partner as well),

told me to tell you (the 1/16 modeling public),directly that he is going to make

every effort to get a deal with Revell! He has already been in touch with

Revell's people and it's just a time thing with Revell now...It's been Dave's

experience...that Revell can take a while, (not a great length of time),to get

the product off the floor and in his hands... Keep in mind...noone not me, not

Dave, no one knows what Revell will do with this now...no papers are signed at

this point and it's in Revell's hands to make a reasonable profit margin

happen...But it is Dave's experience with dealing with Revell that's going to

make this work...In fact there have been quite a few recewnt ventures with

Revell that Model King has been dealing with....Revell recently visited Dave at

the Model King facility in Toms River NJ...so they are on super terms.

Now,... I want to put some rumors to rest...Concerning rhetorical conversation

that you may have heard about Dave's lack of interest in re-popping another kit

or (kit's)in succession....

Dave is not ALL about the money!...Yes he wants to make a profit, that's

understandable..but contrary to what the guys out here think about Dave not

wanting to get back in this because of slow sales on the other previous 1/16

kits he released, he wants me to tell you directly that it's simply not true. He

has several kits that he's released in the past (not just 1/16 mind you), that

move slower and he still does them because he liked the subject matter and

doesn't care that it takes a little longer to move them...Dave is in the model

car business because flat out...he's a modeler, a collector a racecar guy!

Selling building, trading in model cars especially racing vehicles is his

primary interest and has been so for over 20 years..So you see, Dave's already

got money folks he doesn't need count on this sale to be the giant over top

boomer that some of his releases have been. He's doing this because he's a drag

racing guy,..he's giving it a chance because he's trusting us to help him move

these kits in a reasonable length of time, and he likes working with honest drag

race oriented people. That's exactly folks what we need out here in 1/16 land...

Keep this in mind!!!...Our response to what he is offering us determines how

much product he is willing to stick his neck out for guys...so Dave and I are

trusting you to give him the sales...my job will be working with YOU my 1/16

modeling public to make this stuff the striking success that I know it will

be...I've worked very hard in negotiations with all parties involved but it has

been my pleasure!...Dave is a great guy, I couldn't ask for a better guy to work


This comes directly from Dave...

He wants "Model King" to be 'THE PLACE' for 1/16th modelers and aftermarket to

look for 1/16 kits"! And he's going to try every way possible to continue to

work with us in the long term if we can make these kits move within a reasonable

time frame... You see, Dave doesn't want to release just one kit... and that's

the end of it...no..he will continue to offer Revell 1/16 historical 70's kits

in succession IF they move...how often they will be released will determine

what and when the kits will come out...so if you want to see diggers and funnys

from Revell under the Model King label and distribution,.. he wants to be our


Subject matter and quantity to begin with...

The first kit will be the re-issue of the Tom the Mongoo$e McEwen Navy funny car

from 1974...I do not know exactly at this point what the box will look like,..

that is yet to be determined. I have the feeling it will appear just as the

original , but I do not know for sure. Dave likes to adhere to Revell's

historical images on the kit boxes. He is going to shoot for around 3000 kit's

of this initial release.

OK this is not going to be popular with some of us: The kit will remain

unchanged from the original...same tires..everything...Why??? Because Model King

has no control over Revell's manufacturing process..He is simply a release

broker and re-distributer of their product....he will try and do his best to see

to it that we have higher quality graphics on the decal..that's about as far as

Revell will go...quality issue advances of course will be implemented.

I'm going to call Jim White and Tom McEwen this afternoon to tell them the good

news! Of course Tom and Dave are friends so his cut or whatever is required will

be their issue to negotiate.

OK I hope this clears some stuff up for you guys... and it is my hope you will

be pleased with my efforts to bridge the gap between us modelers and a major

model kit broker.

I will continue to negotiate the kits we want with Dave..

If you have any questions give them to me and I will try and answer them the

best I can with the info I get...please do not swamp Dave with calls...I will

rep.. him until the kit is released..then if you wish to call him feel free.

Your footwork has already been done guys!I'm here to help....

The fact that we have a 1/16 modeling broker on our side I feel is a MAJOR


In Modeling

Art "Chilidog" Loveland and Dave "Model King" Burket

If anyone wishes to call me I'm in Tipton, Indiana


P.S. Aftermarket guys I will be in touch by phone.

A special Thanks to Jim White with his fine work in this venture and Ed Sexton at Revell. ...Keep up the good work guys...we all will benefit from this worthwhile project to put 1/16 back in the corp. eye.

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Great news, Thx. to all involved in working on this. I know i will buy some kits as i like the bigger scales better, I like the old school stuff but would also like to see some more modern 1/16th kits in rails,funny's and door cars some day, I know that probably takes alot of R&D and $$. But i bet alot of people would buy them.

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Art... this is some great news. I am looking forward to talking to you on the phone, hopefully I will get to give you a call this weekend. I am excited to hear we will see some kits. I am on board to buy them for sure. thank you for being a big part in helping with all of this. also sent our thanks to Dave for being willing to get kits out ther for us 1/16 scale modelers. my hope is to see this scale grow for all of us.thanks again

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Well then...looks like i'll be building my first 1/16 Funny Car! Thanks Art, for getting this going! I did my teeny little part by supporting this, and when that first kit is announced I'll be ording 3 or 4 of them to try and justify more releases in the future!

As for kit's being released unchanged, I'm sure that isnt an issue for anyone, especially the 1/16 guys who have been modifying and scratchbuilding for years. Me..I'm not worried..why? Because i have the 1/16 builders to drawn upon :)

--- Mike

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Thanks gents...for me it's half the fun looking up the parts on the net and finding out who makes the stuff in resin or photo etched stuff whatever it is,..it's cool to modify the kit body to make it more accurate, or order one from a friend if I don't like the one the kit offers...so what...that's modeling!...Yes it's more expensive to do the aftermarket builds, but look what the results can be for your work...I just can't wait until we pick all these funnies up so I can see what the next release may be/??? Jade Grenade anyone????Just messin'...hee-hee./ Ain't it kinda fun to peek around the corner....lol.

Have fun guys.....Chili

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It's HIGH TIME either Monogram or Revell steps up to do a modern AA/FC or Dragster. Pro Mod is another class that's begging for a base kit. I see a lot of scratchbuilt rollcages here and I'm just plain lazy so a kit would be perfect.

Pro Stock is another class that's begging for an updated kit as well. I realize it's the licencing fees that are preventing this. Hence all the vintage releases.

I know these things are not really what is being discussed here but I needed to vent this.

I'm still on board with all this 1/16th scale talk though. I always vote with my wallet.


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I know that my first one is gonna be as is, meaning no modifications to the frame or whatever else. Of course it's gonna be plumbed and wired..that goes without saying! My next though, I'd like to try my hand at buulding my own chassis. I may even start one before release!

Any tips and/or advice for someone whose never built anything from the ground up? Any websites, aside from Big Boys here that I can use to get started? Which aftermarket vendors would you recomend for 1/16 parts? I know Charlie at PT released some nice 1/16 scale stuff recently..nice timing btw! Comp Resins I also know about. Are there any others out there that are worth while checking out?

I'm all worked up here!!! :)

--- Mike

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www.Flashpointmotorsports.com they make 1/16th scale F/C and Pro Mod bodies, and also motors and parts.

Mike Garland

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Don't forget about RB Motion for A/N Fittings to along with Pro Tech Braided line. As well as RB's many other products. Machined Aluminum Specialties also has some 1/16th scale items. I have been talking to Terry at MAS for a funny car/dragster Photo-Etch detail set. been saying for months he is running more but believe he has been having trouble with his etcher and had to find someone else.

another name i need to shoot out there is Mark Johnson... he does some killer engines. I have his 426 Hemi which is what is going in my 1/16 Army Funny Car and he is workig on a 392 Injected motor for me. I know he has a 417 Donovan, a ford engine... which i belive is a big block although I dont remember the size and he has a big block chevy in the works as well. he has been a great guy to work with and his casting are very nice. all of these are for the 1/16th guys. so there are many options out there.

Also dont forget Jim at Micro Nitro. his wheels are one of the best and I have supplied him some drawings for parts as I am getting my funny done. I have drawn a few diferent parts up in my 3D CAD program and made drawings for him. For example the hubs on my F/C Jim did, he is also almost done with the Pulley's and fuel distribution blocks I have designed. I have more i want to draw up and send him so we will have more avaliable to us 1/16th scale builders but I have been so busy with work that I haven't had time to get to them.

Edited by Mooneyzs

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Gene at Slixx was informed shortly after I was off the phone Saturday by Dave to please get us some decals going for these Duster/Darts.

Chili D.

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Art..that is awesome!! cant wait to see what all they will have. maybe some of their current Duster decals in 1/25 can be scaled up to 1/16 ;)

Edited by Mooneyzs

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Our incredible Illustrator Jim White slammed up this little pre-production 1/16 model box teaser!!! I like it!


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That is one sweet picture for the box. man I love it. I cant wait for this kit to come out. I am ready to buy at least 6 of them.

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I love building 1/16 scale drag cars , I applaud everyones efforts and comments here, I've been build models for over 40years , I would love to see a modern day Pro Stock

or Pro Mod.

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Enough can't be said about the effort and dedication you, Dave, Jim and Mongoose, have done to get this going on the right path. We (us modelers) will be in your debt for a long time to come. With the increase in aftermarket items the skies the limits as to what we can do. Another name to add to the list is Chuck Boerner who does some outstanding decals for 1/16th. Can't wait to get my hands on a couple/4 of them. More to come??? WAY TO GO!!!!!!


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Chuck Boerner....I just wanted to kind of give this guy a small tribute here...I've known Chuck for several years...he's a really good friend. A friend whom I am very much indebted...

I can tell an one and everyone here that Chuck bends over backwords to do his very best in helping meet the decal needs for the 70's drag racing modeling craft...Unlike many out here who have only 'scarfed' previous decal images, he draws this stuff up from scratch....He does his best to be honest about licencing when he can and he's strait up...His Alps decals are on the best Tango Papa decal paper out here. He takes the extra time to 'Spot Print' colors needing more depth of color so the image appears more true to life ..He uses a special clear finish and they really turn out nice. I got Chuckl started in decals about 8 years ago. I used to do Chucks artwork on his more tedious stuff,. but he's got so good at it I just handed over the reigns and said go for it...This guys is simply the best at what he does...nuff said...


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I've been ghosting the 1/16 Dragin Modelers group for a few months now. I've seen his decals..they're beautiful. I've tried to do my own in the past but shapes/contours kick my butt. I'd love to pick that brain for just 5 minuites...This man has got serious talent in the decal department! Truely impressive!

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Nick we are just now in the beginning negotiations with Revell on this kit...this is a new venture buddy, I'm sure it will take a few weeks or maybe a couple months for Revell to decide (they are always pokey)...and then the mfrg. process should begin shortly thereafter....the process doesn't take long after that point.....I'd say (I'm guessing here), prolly by August or Sept., we'd most likely see these come available. In reality I do not have a Target date no one does at this point in time...Dave will be on the receiving end of this deal just like we all are..

Thanks Nick


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Some clarification...I've been in contact with Dave Burket and he and I both

want to stress that NOTHING...nothing has been written in stone concerning

anything with Revell...I think some people have construed my zeal with this

venture that there have been papers with Revell finshed and it's all but a done

deal....If that is what you thought I was indicating I have not. Negotiations

with Revell have begun....that is all. Just because a door has been opened to

negotiations does not mean we are smokin cigars and signing contracts and I've

never indicated as much. All I've noted is Revell and Model King have had great

success with one another and that is correct...

Art Loveland

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