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Stashing away vintage kits

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Also, if I ever get my grubby lil paws on the Aurora Racing Scenes VooDoo Vega complete funny car and the Pinto (Forget the name on that one at the moment) complete funny cars, I'm gonna hug the boxes, sit in a corner and just rock back and forth!!!!!!!!!!

I have two of every other kit in that series but those two are my "holy grails"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm positive that is the very first model kit I ever built.

I still have some pieces of that one. it met a gory fate.

Bought a couple of the re-issue's.

Thanks for posting that picture. it takes me way, way back.

I need to snap a picture of some of my old/ vintage kits I have stashed away.

maybe someone will see one in my stash that makes me feel the way I do when I see that

old Hemi Under Glass.

I bet you could have bought at least 150 kits at the original price for what that darn kit cost me.... But after all, I had to have it. Glad to press the "way-back" button for you.

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I buy to build, i got kits that are older than i am & I'm 44. One kit i'd love to get my hands on is the Dodge revellion, released in 67, first kit i ever built. I've had to go & buy the body from Time Machine resins, The 22jr kit & decals from......hummm i forgot who now, just so i can build my first model again. It'll be built a bit better than the first one i hope.

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