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'53 Stude salt flats racer -- H.A.M.B. contest winner


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Here's the AMT 1953 Studebaker Starliner kit that I modified. It received the most votes in the jalopyjournal.com H.A.M.B. online salt flats racer model contest ending on January 14, 2011. The mechanics of the car loosely follows the SanChez '53 Stude racer from the early '60s. The color is a coral orange color that I mixed from Accu-Flex model railroad water-based paint then used their clear gloss and a lot of polishing.


The kit's headlight covers, custom front pan and chopped top were used. Most of the trim was removed/filled and a B pillar was added along with door panel scribing on the roof.


The engine is the kit's optional 392 Hemi with a front-driven blower and related parts from the ex-Aurora Carl Casper Undertaker dragster kit.


Inside, the basics of the Stude kit's roll cage was augmented with additional styrene rod. An Early Years Resin seat and the '53 Stude's steering wheel adorn the kit's tub that got a new styrene floor and had most of the molded-in detail removed.


The chassis is from the '53 kit with the floor boards between the frame rails replaced with sheet styrene and new pieces added for engine mounts. I Z'd the front frame rails while the rear has lowering blocks between the springs and the axle tubes. The Halibrand rear end and race tires are Early Years Resin pieces, the headers are from the Revell '69 Landy Dodge Charger (OK, they're from a 426 Hemi, so shoot me) and the exhaust pipes are aluminum tubing. The moon discs are real aluminum pieces from Scale Repro's Plus with three spots of dark grey paint on each one to simulate mounting screws.

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