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WIP: Super Detailed Marty Robbins Dodge Daytona

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Ok...Here it is. I've been working on this one for three months now, almost non stop. There are currently 23 scratchbuilt items on it, and there will likely be more by time I am done.

It also includes my first scratchbuilt hinge, ever.

I started out with the basic body from the newer issue of the kit, and worked from there.

I worked on it for almost a month before I decided that I would be doing Marty Robbins' car with it, and the original plan was to do Fred Lorenzen's #28...but I decided I liked Marty better. Sorry Fred Fans!

I am doing the car on the right in this picture.


Ok...Picture time.

The first picture I took, it's a preliminary stage. You can see I've already scratchbuilt a a fuel filler, filled the marker lights and factory stock gas cap, and opened the trunk. I decided to open it AFTER the wing was glued on. Not easy!

I have also sanded the molded hood pins off, to be replaced, at the correct location, by JWTBM chrome decal hood pins.


My first attempt at a new interior trunk. I used sheet brass. WHY, I don't know. I have since ripped that out, and replaced it with plastic stock. A check on AeroWarriors showed me that while not quite the same, it was close enough in scale that a Modern Motorsports fuel cell would work. Not so Modern anymore! :lol: Luckily, the Brass didn't stick to anything, nor did anything stick to it, so I was able to remove the MM resin piece and it from the chassis with ease, even though I had super glued it.


The preliminary (and basically complete) interior. I started with the roll cage from the basic kit, and worked up from there. I made the two hoops that go down behind the A pillar and the cross bar that connects them, and I made the bar that connects the cross bar to the floor. I tried to make door bars, but I didn't remember them until after the hoops were in, and by then it was too late. So, they will be for the next one. I know the hoops should go down into the floor area under the bulkhead, but I lifted up the car and looked at it from all angles and you really can't see them after where they stop unless you hold it up over your head, so I left them as is. I intend to scratch build the bars you'd see in the trunk, though. Havn't yet.


A closeup of the fuel filler. I discovered that the little tab of excess sprue on the front spoiler is the perfect size for the fuel filler, when modified to the correct shape anyway. This will be painted after the car, with a brush. I do plan to add the proper hoses in the interior, too.


The engine. I built the engine factory stock, which I am sure is wrong. I am thinking about building another engine (I have 9 of these Daytonas, so I have spares, plus my first Daytona was engineless). I just don't know what a NASCAR engine would look like. I may just scratchbuild some bars for the engine bay and call it a day, the rear of the car is the centerpiece with the hinged trunk!

The engine is not done here, or yet, even though I took this photo in mid April.


A very poor shot of the hinge. I used real Sterling Silver, as I had some on hand because my mom makes earrings and other jewlery and bought the wrong gauge wire by mistake, which I quicky confiscated. Also note the coat hanger, it's recieved it's first primer now, but I need to do a bit more filling and sanding before it can see paint.


Ready for primer, with the trunk open. NOTE: The Jelly Bean box is where I store my excess and parts of NASCAR decals.


This is an open....


...and shut kind of build!


Here's the interior now, with the new trunk floor and some more bracing in it. I also filled the speakers on the package shelf, at least, I think they were speakers. They are filled now, either way.


A closeup of the trunkial area. No, the parts aren't floating in space, I use clear plastic for scratchbuilding. You can see that I have drilled out the hole for the eventual fuel lines.


And that's where she sits now. Body is primered and is waiting some more putty and then, as usual, more sanding. Some of my putty work from a few months ago was rather sub par and there are some gouges from overzealous sanding that have to be puttied, too.

It's kind of obvious that I am concentrating on the top side of the car...Detailing the bottom of a car holds NO interest for me, flat black is fine. And, I don't want to use up all my detailing on one build :D I have about 4 more of these that I want to do the same way and in short order.

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Nice work Billy can't wait to see that finished

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Way to go Billy ,good subject , ya dont see anyone doing a Marty Robbins build .Thats the first one I've seen.

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