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Scratch Building an Aussie Ford Falcon **New update,15/1/18**


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Thanks guys.

I had planned to have the white car finished by now but as usual life has gotten itself in the way of finishing a build. As far as recent progress is concerned I have assembled the interior and painted the interior headlining as well as painted the blackouts around the windows and the areas on the inside of the body that needed to be blacked out but that's where work came to a halt. The good news is that I haven't lost interest again and I am just waiting for all the ducks to get in a line to get this first one done.



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Hi guys, after yet another stagnant year this 3 car build has kicked back into life. I'm keen the get the next one done for personal reasons so I have been working on the second version that has upgraded detail . I have finished all of the chassis plate and just have the decals and final assembly of the body left to do. Here is the chassis plate with weathering and fuel and brake lines added.


Hopefully I will finish the rest soon so keep an eye out in the showroom in a couple of days time.



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I have just finished going through this incredible build thread and all I can say is WOW! I too have been in a massive slump and not touched anything model related for over a year, (Life, work, etc ).  Your work has got me itching to get back into it. Definitely some of the finest scratch building that I have ever come across. Thank you for showing us what can be done with a little patience and lateral thinking. 

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