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Folks, in the last few months I've noticed that there's quite a bit of excitement going on between the YOUTUBE model building car community (the Big Kahuna and MCM have a channel) and the folks here at MCMF.

I think the technology is such now that we can start building bridges in hopes that, like many of you who use FOTKI or PHOTOBUCKET (or other photo storage site), you can start thinking about the beauty of having a channel dedicated to your builds and your archives. You can still work off your pictures and do slide shows or you can almost go live with videos. It's certainly a great way of providing quick and simple how-tos, share your experiments and discoveries with others, ETC..

Also, I think it's a great way to recruit builders of all ages who have started OVER THERE and are looking for a bigger community, which MCMF offers at over 8000 members strong. And builders from all parts of the hobby, which very much includes military vehicles, but certainly model cars of all tastes, types, and styles.

It's a good cross pollination and the technology is readily available. In the last few weeks, lots of these builders have started coming over to check out the wonderful work that goes on here. I am sure they will make this an integral part of their hobby experience.

If you are interested in expanding your work bench and building experience (or if you have already done so), then feel free to ask questions or share your experience. Also, remember, if this is not your cup of tea, you can choose not to participate in any way shape or form.

Here's a little PSA I put together for the folks coming over from YOUTUBE, again lots of great builders out there in that community.

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Here are some channels of interest you might want to check out:





Again, many of these builders are venturing over here to check out our forum and share their good work with us.

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Very cool, but waaaayyyy over my head. I'm in the steam generation. I still use a rotary phone.

Tommy, yer not alone my friend . Heck, I'm still trying to learn how to even use a computer ! Ed Shaver

Oh, I still have an AT & T Rotary , works too !

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I use a Logictech HD cameral (costs around 69 dollars) and it does a great job. I also use the iPhone video camera and that works pretty well too.

Welcome to the forum, Herbert. Stick around and enjoy the sights, plenty of them here. Cheers, DC

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I like the idea because I watch youtube videos all the time. Problem is that a few months ago my parents dropped our land line and bought a booster for their cell phones. We have basically the slowest verizon internet connection. I think it's like 512kb or something. It was slow but not ridiculous. now with the booster attached whenever we turn a computer or one of the Playstations our internet speed drops like a rock to the point where a 1 minute video on youtube takes 5 minutes to fully load. We would upgrade to a faster speed but my dad says we don't need it, so there's no hope there.

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