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Another 1:12 MPC Bently 4 1/2 litre

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I've just returned to modelling after a 25 year hiatus, so of course I jumped right in at the deep end.

I found this oooold MPC kit, partialy assembled, at an antique mall and thought the price seemed pretty good for a kit of this scale; $30.00. It looked like everything was there so I took it home and proceded to disassemble what I could. This was made easier by the fact that the previous owner had left the plating intact, so the glue joints just popped apart with little damage. Next, I carefully sawed off the fuel tank ( it was a mess and would have to be replaced).

Here's the engine, rebuilt, painted, detailed (sort of), and weathered.



I shaved off some details and replaced them with copper tubing. The magnetos were reshaped and wired with solder. the linkage was made from styrene and music wire. I made a new starter because the kit part didn't match any of my refrences.

The starter wire is a low E string from my guitar.

Next, I cut .040" styrene formers using the remains of the kit fuel tank as a template, and "skinned" it with .020" sheet.

The aluminum mesh isn't quite right, but it was the closest thing I could find. (of course, after it was painted and installed I found the perfect material!)


More guitar string, and fuel petcocks made from Evergreen rod. The straps are .005" styrene strips and the rivets are resin decals from Archer.


Here's a closer look at the strap tensioners and the rivet detail.


More coming, but be patient: I work slow.

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Really? We are going to get 2 world class builds of this kit?


I'm watching this one.

Oh, BTW, it's looking superb.


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That kit has to be one of the best bargains out there. I had given thought to it a number of times with consideration of making it into some kind of street rod, but I have soooo darn many in the que I just never could pull the trigger. After some of the really high quality builds of it as a racer I might grab one sometime just to keep on the shelf if I ever get the itch again.

I love what you're doing with it Johann.

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Ken, Dave, Bob and Harry;

Thanks for the encouraging comments.

More photos soon.

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As promissed, more photos:

The fuel tank, rear end and dampers have been installed.


Here's a closer shot of the damper assembly: scratch built from .010 & .020 styrene, except for the adjusters which were carefully sawn from the kit parts.

Also, like Harry, I shaved off the wrapping detail from the leaf springs and replaced it with thread.


The cast texture was added to the axle housing with thinned putty and a peice of foam packing material.

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