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'61 RAMCHERO! ..... Deals Wheels Style Ford Pick-Up! 5-11-12

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Looks like a lot of fun, Ira. Inspires me to maybe build a Deal's Wheels style Bugatti!

The MPC Dune Buggy Zinger has a 1/20 scale Boss 429 in it, if that fits the bill for you.

Thanks for the Suggestion Andy!

Found a 20th scale HEMI that looks much better than the BOSS 429!

Photos Coming... :D

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I was sold on the 25th scale FORD 409 Engine, untill I saw the BIG HEMI...


I found a 20th scale HEMI Engine in the Little Red Zinger Kit.

The Double Superchargers were too tall for the Ranchero, so I looked for something else. I found a BIG Supercharger in the Groovy Grader Kit.

The Scoop from the WILLY WILD will be just what I wanted, after I do a few modifications... B)


Here is a quick mock up!

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As much as I liked the Willys build . . . .


I think I like this one more!


Thank You for sharing Ira!!

These past few "Dealer- Peelers" have really been fun to watch Man!!

Thank You again for the pleasant divergence!




Thanks for all of the Kind Comments Russ! B)

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Removed The Chrome...

First, I put the Supercharger and Scoop in the Purple Pond, to Remove the Chrome Plating...


Then I put the ends on the Engine Block & Cut the Block down a little bit.

I made a new base for the scoop, that moves it forward towards the cab.


I also Wired the Distributor and Drilled the Valve Covers for spark plug lines.

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