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Late '80s Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham 4dr resin kit available?

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Nice but I clicked the link and it says it's not for sale :(

I searched for R & R resin kits and came to this page: http://www.resinreal...lery/index.html which doesn't list that Cadillac Fleetwood 4dr ('77-'79? Will that work for an '89?). I'm not sure where else to look, do you happen to know where this might be in stock or at least available?

Michelle, the '79 that Ray lists could be worked with, but not without some changes needed to make it an '89. They were pretty much the same basic car from 1977-90. I don't know how well you work with resin, but there of course would need to be some mixing and matching with plastic pieces to get the four door you'd want.


Frankly, if I were building this-------I'd either get the Revell kit (cheap when they turn up) or search on eBay for the Johan '79 as they turn up there for not a lot of money from time to time. I'm more comfortable with plastic whenever I'd like to do some type of body conversion. Either which way, you have your work cut out for you anytime you want to do a two to four door conversion.

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The resin '79 four door is a nice kit but the body lines are all wrong to do an '89. I have the resin four door and was going to use it as a base for my conversion but after looking at A LOT of pictures on the web it was clear I needed to start with the Revell coupe.

And Ron, thanks for the compliments! It really was a fairly easy conversion......of course I've yet to finish it.....lol

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Gotta' love those big old land yachts...here's a photo of one I restored a few years back, I drove this thing around for about a year, really didn't want to sell it but you know how that goes....money doesn't talk, it swears. Guy made me an offer I couldn't refuse.


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I've just been reading all the post in this topic, might wonder if there is a creepy Cadillac interests betweene my ears, and I just have to ask.

Do anyone make the correct front for the body that Revell do?

And, anyone having a decent 4 door '59 they don't need?

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