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  • 1 month later...

Decided to add a little detail to it. First up I roughed in the headers for it, and built a frame.


Have to add the front suspension yet.


How about a starter, and oil pan, and water pump pulleys.


Oil Filter, and transmission.


Firewall, and up on wheels.


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Finally got the guts to tackle the front suspension on this build. I took a 1/4" piece of tubing, cut it 1/16th" thick, then cut that in half to make the springs. The drop axle is a piece of florists wire. The small wire betweent th frame is for the engine mount.


Next I put on the tires to check the stance.


Then dropped on the body to check clearances.


I may have to tweak the front just a tad lower.

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Okay guys here's the latest. If you have a engine you need a rear end, and drive shaft right.


Here's a before (RED), and a after Yellow) showing what the original looks like(Red).


Started thinking maybe I could lower the roof abit.


Finally the stance between the 2.


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