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Toyota Celica LB Turbo Gr.5 DRM


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Hi again guys,

Here's an old kit from tamiya, A Toyota Celica LB Turbo which was driven by Harald Ertl in 1977 DRM season.

It was a curbside kit without engine details, built straightly oob.

The color is Tamiya Metallic Blue, which turned out to be less resembling the color of the real car.

Let me know what you think and thanks for looking.


Krishna Iskandana

Perth, Western Australia









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I have this kit also in my stash, but untill I am ready to build it with a motor

I am not goint to take it out. I was planing on getting a strait 4 toyota motor with a turbo set up

from the part store but they are in the process of moving, and make the rest of the chassie from

scratch. Thanks for keeping the group 5 fans happy here.

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Looks up to your usual high standard Krishna , nice clean build . Where do you find all these obscure models though ?

Well,there was a period of my car-modelling life where I just built rare models, luckily several hobby shops in Perth, Western Australia when I was studying there sometime sell quite old and rare models.

Thanks for your kind comments guys.

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