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WIP: 1/16 '68 Mustang Pro Mod


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Clay.... You have me speechless man. The work you do is killer and has to be one of the best here. I look up to guys like you, John Teresi, Dave (Comp1839), Romell, Bart, Joe (Prostreet) there are others that as well that has slipped my mind. Your craftsmanship is just amazing and I am learning a lot from this build. There are a couple of things I am gonna borrow for my funny car build. I really like how you did the front end support for the inner portion of the body. I was planning on doing all of the body bracing for my funny car and wasn't exactly sure how I was going to do it and if i was going to go with plastic or brass since I haven't quite gotten to that point on my build, but after seeing how you did the front end support on this build I am going to go with the brass route on my build. I can not wait to see what you have in store for us next.

I love how the firewall and the front end mounts (fire wall ones) turned out as well as what you used for your stitch welds. Everything looks great and is so clean. Also what a great idea using the RB Motion rod ends for hinges. I may have to borrow this idea as well for my pro mod. Thanks again for sharing how you are doing everything. keep up the great work!!

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Thanks for the replies guys.

To answer the questions about the rod ends for pivots, that was something I figured out on my Blackbeard Camaro PM. I had always just glued my doors open in the past, but I really wanted to do working doors on that car. Between the brass pivots glued into the chassis, and those rod ends mounted in that styrene block inside the doors, they are so strong, they will never fail.


I actually ended up having this set too far back on the door, but at the time I didn't understand all the placement requirements and how it would effect things. And my brass pins are actually a little too short, and the doors can come off really easily on that car.

Now when I did the ones on this Mustang, originally I wanted to use brass tube for the door part to slide over the brass pivot wires. But it just wasn't working. So I went back and used the rod ends again But this time I used two per wire to help spread out the load. When I has just one on there, like on the 1/24 scale Camaro, it let the door sag too much as it opened. So I did two per hinge and it worked out perfect. It spread the load out, and the doors swing straight and true now. Now I just need to box in the inner door, and work on the door latch mechanism.

Thanks again!


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I wish Bill! Not there yet....

Haven't got to work on this one as much as I'd like to lately.....but I have gotten a few new things done.

While I was painting parts for other projects, I decided to get some paint on a few things for this car. Both the Lenco and the MW rear end are from TDR, shot with Alcad. I usually mix my own to get the color I'm after. The Lenco also has a few RB Motion bolts added. Lots more to do on it.

The four link plates were custom machined by a good friend. He did a fantastic job, and I can't thank him enough! Probably not too hard to figure that guy out.... ;) The end bells were ones I machined before for my Daytona. Once I got those all together, I soldered up the lower wheelie bar and added RB rod ends to it.






I've also finally got the front strut towers on. Now I need to add the lower link mounts and my chassis will be pretty much done.




Back to work!


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Finally got to spend some time on this one again! I am so close to having the chassis done, and getting it in paint. Only a few more tabs and brackets I thought. I spent almost an entire day just adding tabs and I'm still not done! But I'm close. One more night and I should be ready to paint.

One big thing left I had to work on was the front suspension mounts and upper strut mounts. I had drawn all this out ahead of time so that helped. I tried to use as much brass as I could. For looks and for strength. I think everything up here is pretty well done.




All through the interior I've added all the tabs for interior panels, fire bottle mounts, air bottle mounts, door strap loops, you name it. There is a tab for it! I've also added the rear puke tank tubes, sway bar mounts, as well as body supprt pads.






More soon!


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