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Being new to this forum I thought that I would throw a few photos of models that I have built over the last twenty-years or so.

After discovering that I can actually download photos to this forum from my own desk-top files as opposed to having to retrieve them from "Fotki", well that sealed the deal for me.

I've been modeling since around 1964. Built mostly cars up until about 1972 and then took a break....a thirty-seven year break! Actually I turned my interests to model railroading in the '80's and developed a lot of techniques over the last twenty-five years.

Realizing, in 2009, that I would never get around to building a layout, I re-discovered model cars. Boy has the landscape changed since I've been away.

Hopefully I will get a few photos up on, "On the Workbench" and "Under Glass" in the next couple of days of a couple of builds over the last three years.

I hope that you will enjoy the attached photos.


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Nice and welcome. Enjoying looking at these. Good luck with downloading photos from your desktop, it worked for me the first few times then stopped working. Do you have to resize the photos? I'm not sure how it works.

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