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BMW 320i 1977 DRM test car


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Hi again guys,

Here's an old tamiya kit, a 1977 BMW 320i,this is actually a " failed project " because originally I was going to build this model as an old BMW race car which raced in 1977 DRM season with white color and BMW M-series red and blue stripes.

Unfortunately the decals did not react very well with the gloss clear, which meant that I had to strip the paint and do the bodywork all over again.

With no spare decal set cheap enough to be found online, I decided to build it to be some sort of test car, and incorporated some of the decals which I didn't use in my previous models,therefore I sprayed the body with flat black.

Although I think the result is not quite enough to overcome my disappointment, I'm gonna post it anyway,

Let me know what you think and thanks for looking.


Krishna Iskandana

Perth, Western Australia











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I share your frustration. My Fujimi Ford GT40 project had a similar fate with the decals. With all the time I have invested in the kit, I just can't bring myself to stripping the body. Kudos to you for trying something else. I agree with everyone that the results are fantastic.

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