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1965 Orange County Dealers Chevelle Wagon Pro Stock


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Hi again guys,

I have always wanted to to build an old school drag car, fortunately I was given the right opportunity when AMT reissued their 65 chevelle superwagon.

The model was painted with the combination of pure white and italian red (both from tamiya) and then clearcoated with gloss clear from Mr Hobby.

I added seat belt and engine wires,scratchbuilt the roll cage from unused exhaust pipes, and also light weathered the exhaust headers.

Let me know what you think and thanks for looking.


Krishna Iskandana

Perth, Western Australia











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I'm so glad they decided to reissue this one again. Sure, it's w-a-y old-school, with metal axles front and back, but that sort of thing can be a lot of fun. Your wagon looks the part of the "Weekend Warrior" draggin' wagon perfectly.

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Splendid work Krishna

Very authentic, to my eye.

Only one thing I can comment on, though. Have you considered using a black wash on the grill recesses? It gives more definition, makes the grill appear to be perforated and it's really easy to do.

Apart from that, you hit it right outa the park!

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Very nicely done Chevelle Wagon! I like the paint job and those decals fit perfectly and give it a nice Race Car look. It's not a Pro Stock car though. Pro Stockers had (and still have) very tight rules and for example blown engines like this are not allowed. And then you have G/SA text on the rear window, which means G/Stock Automatic and this is definitely not a Stocker, either.

I mean that it's a really nice build and you did a truly fantastic job with it. As a real Stock Eliminator driver these classifications just caught my eyes and I wanted to let you know, so with your next Drag Car build choosing the right class would be a bit easier. ;)

It's a very nice build, as always! Keep these coming B) !

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