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Some projects I started

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Hi all. Here are a few of my Pick up Projects.

This started with a Revell 65 Chevy Shortbox stepside kit.


I had to stretch the chassis to Longbox length in order to mount the body

The Open Road Mini-Motor Home is from the recent M-K re-issue.

Tires are OLD AMT Rubber "Firestone Darlington-Gum Dipped"

Turnpike pieces. I believe Only the original 1962 issue of their

Opening door 58 Impala had them. I have not seen them in any other kit.

Yes the front suspension was cut apart for steering

The Mini-Motor Home's Little Twin;


This one sports MPC G-70's. I have cut the one piece bed apart to yield a more

correct Fleetside out of it

as molded it represents more of a Cameo than a Fleetside

Steering is also pose-able on this one

Next is a Ramp back hauler


This is a bash. Hauler is the M-K Racer's Wedge re-issue.

Chassis is from the MPC Heavy Pedal version 72 Longbox Stepside pickup.

Cab is from the parts box

Here is an Original 67 Annual


I got this built Years ago. I did paint detail the chassis & engine, but the body & interior are still unpainted

The cap is from AMT offered in the 68 Hunter's Special version of their 63 F-100

And also in their 69 Fleetside

I got it in a Box lot at an auction With a complete built 69 Fleetside!

(Only Model kits.parts I Ever found that way!)

I also have a second 67 that is a Resin conversion

The 67-72 Era Chevy/GMC Pickup is my Favorite.

I have Several including 4 more Built's I got with the Resin conversion 67!

I did have to replace the rims/tires with Stock pieces, but all are Nice!!

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Posted (edited)

This is the 69 I got with the Cap on the 67.


I stripped the frosted Green paint, and have it in Flat White Primer

Luckily the plastic did not take up the frosted effect too badly.

Here is my Oldest Pickup kit,


An AMT 60 F-100 Annual.

This one needed a little more body work to smooth it out. Sanding & File marks/gouges.

I got all but the Box!

I also have a 63 F-100 That I Finally found a Hood for, but the hood is from a 62 with that ones badges

I need to take some pic's of that 63, and the other 67-72 Chevy/GMC's I have.

FOUND Pic's of the 63 F-100.

Now in my Photobucket


A friend in Ohio got the tail lights for me. 62 Hood is not in the pictures.

Look here for more pic's of these In-Progress Projects;


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Posted (edited)

This 71 Cheyenne was one of the 5 Built's I got

It needs an Engine, but display's fine without.

Tires are AMT Firestone Supreme White-stripe wall.

The toneau cover is from one of the recent re-issue 72's

Wish they would re-issue it again!!


Wish this was a 70 instead though.

Our 70 Impala was this color. And 10 or so years ago a 70 Cheyenne in this color was for sale here.

If i had had the $3000.oo they were asking for it, I would be driving that instead of

the Dodge Dynasty that is falling apart just sitting in my driveway!!

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Some very nice trucks there.

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