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It is time for my family to move.

This is were all of you come in. I have three cases full of built models that I need to pack up so we can show the house. Any tips on how to pack them up. Last time I did this 5 out of 8 did not make it without some type of damage.

Any tips or pointers would be great. Thanks

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Wrap them individually in toilet paper , then repeat the process with bubble wrap . Don't be stingy with the toilet paper either ! It will help hold the small parts in place , cushion the build , and prevent break off . The bubble wrap will allow you to stack them on top of each other and prevent them from moving around .

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Wrapping a model with T.P. works ! I wrapped some models like that back in the early 70's and they survived more than 30 years . When I opened the boxes for the first time about 5 years ago , they were all intact , with just a mirror or tire fallen off ! They moved with me dozens of times , including two trips overseas , compliments of Uncle Sam .

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