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OEM Emissions Equipment References

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I'm starting what I hope will turn out to be an interesting thread regarding emissions equipment , and said equipment as it applies to our scale realm . I am definitely looking for contributions from any-one and every-one :D .

To start , here's a link to the excellent site Hamtramck Historical Registry ( Class of 1970 )'s official , factory release of Chrysler's 1972 emissions packages :


What I personally find interesting about this invaluable info is that , as a life-long resident of California ( growing up not too terribly far from Chrysler's Los Angeles [ City of Commerce ] plant ) , and as a life-long gear head , I have not until very recently seen a single 1972-1974 Dodge / Chrysler / Plymouth Slant Six or Big Block with an A.I.R. Pump !

What's odd about that is that California until 01-01-1998 , required emissions inspections for all 1966-present gasoline-fuelled vehicles . These were invasive "I/M" ( Inspection & Maintainence ) tests ; and the lack of an A.I.R. Pump --where required-- would cause an automatic fail .

But , then again , there were also A LOT of "back door" inspections , as well as "One-hundred-dollar-bill-pinched-under-the-air-cleaner-wingnut" inspections :lol: .

But , I divulge ...

I thought that this info would be of interest to those among us whom desire to replicate everything underhood . I have seen a fellow hobbiest add the missing tubes and hoses to their gorgeous 1969 COPO Nova's 427's A.I.R. Pump arrangement ; I have also seen another brother add the much-cursed-at Electronic Lean Burn arrangement to their 70's Cordoba , and I was duly impressed :o .

Again , please feel free to build on this thread with any info --personal experience or factory-to-dealer releases --which pertains to this subject B) .

Enjoy !

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