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Tamiya Honda S800, Racing Version


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Just finished up this little racer. The color is Tamiya TS-23 light blue with a nose done in some orange/red I mixed up a long time ago. I'd originally painted this in a dark blue and I really didn't like the look. I had some light blue on hand after finishing up a paint job on a different kit and gave it a try. I love it on this car. I was trying for a weekend vintage race look. Pretty much box stock, some foil, but no other extras.







If interested, more pictures can be found here:


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Nice! I used to vintage race with a guy that had one of them. His wasn't a drive it to the track type of car though. It was a full on race car. Here's a couple of pics. It's in the background pf the first one. It was really fast!



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what brand is this Kit? Tamiya? The frame looks very interesting!

It is the Tamiya kit. The frame, or chassis I guess, gets added to the body/interior assembly at the end of the build, which is kind of cool because you can show it off like this.

I love IT! I just can't get enough of the old Hondas. The 1:1 cars are super hard to find, as are the 1:24 kits if you exclude Ebay :P .

I really like this era of Honda, too. I built the Fujimi kit of the S600 and I hated it. This one is much better in every possible way. By the way, I'm auctioning this kit on eBay right now. I'm not really interested in building another one.

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