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'57 Ford Fairlane, a little different


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I was going to mention them, too. They really stick out on an otherwise very well done model. You could strip them, sand them smooth and send them off to ChromeTech USA and have them replated. I think this model deserves it.

Thanks Harry. I thought you were going to yell at me for no outside mirror :D

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Mould seams are par for the course (I was going to say AMT but Monogram could be just as bad - did they realy not care back then?).

However, I didn't notice them until it was pointed out. It's a lovely build. Good job.

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I have the Hendrix body. Needs so much cleaning, and sanding, and fixing, that's easier to do what you did and convert the AMT body.

If I'm building a vintage AMT kit as a box stock build, I couldn't care less for the mold seams on the chrome. It it weren't by the AMT kits or Monogram ant their subjects, I would never had got into building models. When those kits were developed, they did the best they could, and I appreciate thata a lot.

They didn't have today's computer technology, CAD, etc, and came with great kits, like the '57 Fairlane, the '58 Impala, the '51 Chevy Fleetline, the '61 Ranchero, the '65, and '66 Galaxies, etc.

AMT is my alltime favorite model company.

Thank you AMT guys very much.

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