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AMT Hippie Hemi AMT 605 Mini Review

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Fact Sheet:

Copyright: 2008 Round 2 LLC

Color Molded In: White

Number of Parts: N/A

Versions or Ways To Build In This Reissue:1 stock

i got this about a year ago to have a 'complete set'

Hippie Hemi and Digger 'Cuda dragster's.

i guess you could include Infini-T and Stingaree but

those are a little different.

the one surprise was the 'clear' oil pan.

the windows come in 3 colors of clear, well

so do the oil pans! :)

AMT gets smart points for that, once you have them running

through production might as well make some neat features.

the frame is an excellent example of the frame that came

after the Dragmaster 4 tube type.

kit is very well done! :)

have a nice day!


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it is the garlits rail with a different body/decals. Steve

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mr route 66

i feel like i'm telling you their is no Easter bunny.

the AMT Hippie Hemi and it's sister model the

Digger 'Cuda probably never existed in real life.

so, no i don't think they would produce a new chassis

for the Hippie Hemi.

this was the height of the model companies power and

they felt they could make models that they created.

that's why the kits are pretty darn interesting.

have a nice day!

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