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USA-1 CORVETTE LSR TEAM! WIP Photos! Finished Now!


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I first filled the 2 areas near the front wheel wells with sheet plastic. Then I cut out a piece of sheet plastic for the Underbody and carved on it untill it fit Nice & Tight.


I decided to cut off the raked end of the Underbody ans attach it directly to the back of the body.


I cut 3 little Tabs from strip plastic and glued them in place to hold the Underbody in Flat for gluing.


Here is what the Underbody looks like in position...


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If I was doing this build I would have left the Corvette Indy front end on the car, but if I were doing this build it would probably look like a blind 4 year old with tourettes was building it. Carry on

Thanks Alan!

This is the second time I built a Corvette Indy and I changed the front end on that one too...

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I am using the Vette Indy Chassis up front and Sheet Plastic for the rear Underbody. I cut the front off the Vette Indy Chassis and molded it into the front end. Then I added a piece of sheet plastic to the front end to attach the Chassis to.


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I measured the Rear Area and cut out sheet plastic to fit. The Vette Indy Chassis is a little short so I will have to fill in the back of the Front Area a little bit. I cut the back of the Indy Chassis off Flat.


I cut a piece of plastic to fill the Front Area and glued it in place. I also added 2 strips of plastic under this piece so I can glue the Chassis to them.


Then I cut out a piece of plastic to fit under the front of the Rear Underbody. I glued it in place here as shown....


More Coming... B)

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I positioned the Rear Underbody and marked inside the body to show the Underbodies height. Then I glued square strips of plastic on the in sides and a piece of rectangular plastic in the rear.


Here are both Underbodies in place!



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This is the most radically original idea I've ever seen. Worthy of a real world build, hello Fooze ! It's got my juices flowing in like ideas. KUDOS for a real fine build.

More, more, more!!!!!

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