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Fairmont drag car build - Hanging/hinging DS door 8/10/16

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Thanks Leonard. I appreciate it. How's your Camaro project going? I don't recall seeing any real recent posts on it, and I'm loving the progress and fab skills you've demonstrated on it. I bought a R/C Mustang in 1/16th scale that eventually I hope to do something similar to what you're doing with your project, other than it'll be the Ford version... LOL I'm undecided if I'll build it as a P/M or P/S class car, but it'll be a lot of fun, and something totally different for me, given that I've not messed with the larger scale stuff.

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Joe - Thanks for your compliment re the PE. I hope it all fits as well when finally installed.

Thank you, Edward. I've always been sort of partial to the DragStars. I know they're not the "in thing" but they're still a very classy wheel.

Hey Gene - It's not going to be blue. I don't want to give away all my plans for paint, but purple will be a major color I utilize.

Thank you, so much, Fredrik. It means a lot to know this build has had a positive impact on your modeling.

Thanks a bunch, Ron. Full steam ahead!!! LOL

I appreciate it, Tyrone. I'm happy with how things are turning out. I just wish it went a bit faster... LOL

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Dan. As an Aussie professor at the College where I work, says, "one foot in front of the other, Mate; one foot in front of the other..."

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:blink: OMG :blink:

I just peeked at this . . . . . . . . . . . .


Rather long in coming, but, WELL worth the wait!!

This is some very intricate manipulation of parts going on here!

I like it! :D

How soon for those front tires?

Thank You for sharing and I will be watching




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Guy - There are lots of great builders on here. I am going sort of nutso with the details. I'm sure you're not giving yourself anywhere near as much credit for your skills as you should.

Thanks Bill. I'm hoping to be in KC. Not 100% sure at this point, but if I can, I certainly will.

I appreciate it, Stan...

Thanks a bunch, Larry. I'll do my best.

Chris - Thanks for the kind words. I'm hoping to get some more test fitting of the tin work this weekend. Just got to get that bloomin' rubber off. The metal is only .006" thick so I really need to soak the rubber off rather than try to remove it by hand. I run a pretty big risk of bending it, otherwise.

Thank you, Ray. Much appreciated.

Russ, this has indeed been a long time in coming. I could sometimes about pull my hair out with how precisely I'm trying to get this stuff to fit. I'm sure I'll have mess-ups along the way where things don't go together the way I'd like. I guess it's the challenging myself to do the best I can. I've got only a handful of the front tires right now, and I don't have them on my website yet. I need to get a good couple of pics of them taken and get my description written up. Soon, my friend...

Thank you, so much, Dirk. The Frontrunners are rubber, as are the two sizes of slicks I have available.


Along with the nose tin, I got a few sets of 2-piece PE trans tunnels made up, one of which I plan to use on this build. I've already cut the existing tunnel lengthwise on both sides where it attaches to the floor but have kept it attached at the firewall and rear kick-up so the pan keeps most of its structural integrity. I need to determine fore/aft trans placement, as well as its vertical position and angle, while the stock tunnel is attached, as the tunnel is my point of reference. I've got tubular mounts made but plan to fabricate simulated slide mounts that will attach to the central frame rail system and support the trans. After I've got the location locked in, I can then assemble and install a lever set on the trans. This is one of the reasons why I wanted to have a door on the car opened - so more interior detail is visible.

Other things I'll be working on is putting together the styrene/PE frame rail/reinforcement assembly in the trunk, remove the driver side door and front end and build a small electrical switch panel to attach to the halo bar. More to come...

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Thank you, Dave. I appreciate it.

Well - I've got an update. In terms of major construction progress, it isn't, but in terms of psychological progress, it is significant. I got the PE nose tin soaked free of the rubber backing and got it more or less bent to the proper configuration. It may need a tiny bit of tweaking, but not much. So far it has passed the test... Now, will the radiator fit? LOL




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