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Hey, My name is mike and this will be my 6th model. I got this model last Christmas and im really excited because this is my first truck model. The other ones i have built have all been 64-69 Pontiac GTO's. So here is the box,


My little brother waned to help me with this one so I asked him what he wanted it to be. He said he wanted a flatbed. So here is some pics i took today.



I started on the interior.


I wanted to make it a 4x4 so i found one of my old hot wheels monster trucks and stole the wheels from it. They were a bright orange so i painted them black and then took silver paint and a toothpick and put all of the lugs on.



More to come soon!


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So i got the frame painted.


Since this model wasnt supposed to be a 4x4, i had to make some changes to the axles.




Here it is all done!


I did this because to raise it im just going to pull it down but the more i pulled it down the closer to the cab it got.

More to come!


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Well I haven't been able to work on this one for a long time. We moved from Kansas to Alaska. One of the big challenges I have had with building models lately would be living in a RV. We moved into the RV about 10 months ago to get ready to move to Alaska. So i haven't really had the space to work on them. This model has been put on hold for the moment. I painted the rear axle but it kept falling apart. I also scratch built a front axle but i used some foam to make the yoke but when I painted it it melted and fell off. :( Sooo I moved on to my next model, a '72 Pontiac GTO! I have it in primer now and hopefully will be putting up a build thread soon. So for now this one will remain in the box until i can work up the courage to try and tackle it again.


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Alright, so i did alot with the '72 GTO most everything is done except the painting of the body. Now witht his model, i think about a week or so after i posted the above post, I took it out and brainstormed. I decided to scrap the lifted 4x4 idea. Its just too much for me to handle right now. I went back to the street rod idea. I have the body in paint waiting for clear. I have the interior half done and I have the frame and drive train finished. If i can find some pics, ill post em up. So thats where im at right now.

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